Jamaican Beauty Mogul Gabrielle Waite Launches New Line of Lipsticks

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Jamaica is a beautiful Island in the West Indies filled with talented people who are known for their creativity and tenacity.

One such person is Jamaica’s youngest Beauty Mogul Gabrielle Waite, Founder and CEO of her very own Beauty Empire “Gabby Glam Co”. Gabrielle is a Make-up artiste by trade and is known for “soft glam looks” for women on the go. She is synonymous with all things Glam and girly and further expanded her brand in 2018 to include “Carnival Glam Hub” which is the Caribbean’s premiere Carnival makeup and hair concierge service. On the heels of this came “GlamCon”, which is Kingston’s first Beauty Conference. 

Fast-forward to 2021 and the savvy business woman recently launched her new collection of Liquid Matte Lipsticks dubbed “I AM …Matte Collection “ which features three (3) bold matte liquid lipstick shades and is the second collection following the debut of the “Selah Lip Collection” in 2020.

Haute People caught up with the young mogul to learn more about the I AM … Matte Collection and her plans for the future of her brand. 

Jamaican Beauty Mogul Gabrielle Waite Launches New Line of Lipsticks

HAUTE PEOPLE: For those of may not know, tell us about yourself and how you got started in the Makeup Industry

GABBY: I’m Gabby, a Jamaican gal, MUA, Entrepreneur, and Marketer. While completing studies at University, I birthed 3 companies, Gabby GLAM, Carnival GLAM Hub & GLAMCON.

My love for all things GLAM, specifically makeup artistry, stemmed from my mom who was also an MUA. Observing her as a child, inspired me to help women build confidence & feel their absolute best through makeup artistry.

Since 2017, Gabby GLAM has been the go-to company for soft effortless glam looks; offering this service, exposed me to clients who shared their admiration for soft glam looks but felt intimidated by the GLAM process and lack of time to do it on their own.

It was for this reason, the Gabby GLAM brand expanded into launching products that would allow you to achieve a soft glam look; one that’s easy to use and practical for the on-the-go woman.

I AM Matte Collection
I AM … Matte Collection

HAUTE PEOPLE: What was the inspiration behind this collection as it relates to the names?

GABBY: The inspiration of the names of the collection really speak to the strength and power of being a woman especially in the world we live in today. Fierce speaks to how untamed we can be at breaking the barriers of traditional & social norms that “define” a woman, BOLD speaks to being daring and confident in becoming the woman we are called to be. Lastly,  ROYAL is a reminder to let us know that we are deserving of everything and should settle for nothing, because we have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

HAUTE PEOPLE: Timing is everything .. were there any challenges launching in a Pandemic?

GABBY: There will always be barriers and obstacles with anything and everything we try to pursue, and covid just so happened to be mine. From the constant shipping delays to persons wearing masks and makeup seeming to be pointless, it really seemed like it was the absolute worst time to launch a lip line. However, overcoming these challenges and still receiving sales from both lip collections has been the most rewarding feeling. So yes there were extreme challenges especially during the launch of the first collection “Selah”. But with the hunger, passion and and guidance from God really I was able to overcome.

HAUTE PEOPLE: How is this collection different from the debut collection?

GABBY: The I AM… collection is the complete opposite from the debut collection.  The debut collection, “Selah” comprises of 3 subtle  lipglosses whereas the second collection ” I AM…” comprises of 3 vivid and striking liquid matte lipsticks that are non transferable and perfect for mask wearing. 

HAUTE PEOPLE: Who is the ideal “Gabby Glam” woman?

GABBY: The ideal ” GLAM Girl” is the everyday on the go woman who loves soft glam looks but doesn’t have enough time to do it. This is why our products are simple, compact and have two in one formulas to reduce the glam process as much as possible.

HAUTE PEOPLE: Are you a “matte or “glossy” girl?

GABBY: I am soooo a lipgloss girl. However, I’ve been dabbling into liquid mattes recently, mainly because I really love the lightweight feel from the I AM… collection. I also love the fact that it doesn’t transfer and lasts all day, so there’s little to no need for touch ups. 

HAUTE PEOPLE: How did it feel to receive the “Novia Stamp of Approval”?

GABBY: OMG… MI FEEL LIKE MI REACH !! haha jks , but it really warmed my heart because Novia is a lover of red lipstick and typically, once a woman finds a red lip that fits, it’s hard to even test another. So it was definitely a big deal in that regard. The icing on the cake was receiving a surprise video from her, where she gave the sweetest review on the product.

I Am Lip Collection
Locations: Physical + Online

HAUTE PEOPLE: Where can we find the products?

GABBY: So many new locations both physical and online, and we will also be in other stores across the Caribbean. 

Currently the products are available at Fontana Waterloo, KerryManWomanHome on the 14th floor at Pegasus, Mirror Mirror, EC Makeup Bar, Fashion 911, The Finishing Touch Jewellery in Cayman Islands,

ONLINE : The Beat Place 876, Caribshoppers and of course 

#Jamaican Beauty Mogul Gabrielle Waite Launches New Line of Lipsticks

#Jamaican Beauty Mogul Gabrielle Waite Launches New Line of Lipsticks

#Jamaican Beauty Mogul Gabrielle Waite Launches New Line of Lipsticks

#Jamaican Beauty Mogul Gabrielle Waite Launches New Line of Lipsticks

#Jamaican Beauty Mogul Gabrielle Waite Launches New Line of Lipsticks

#Jamaican Beauty Mogul Gabrielle Waite Launches New Line of Lipsticks

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