Why are Celebrities Flocking to Schiaparelli

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Schiaparelli is the word on everyone’s lips and the Designer of choice for the likes of celebrities including “Ye”, Julia Fox , Beyonce’ and Kim Kardashian.

One would think this is a new designer that gained fame overnight, but Schiaparelli has been around since 1927 and was created by Italian-born Elsa Schiaparelli . In 2022 the brand was able to regain relevance by applying the secret sauce which involves ” Getting Celebrities to wear your clothing”  and hiring a controversial Creative Director who is socially and culturally aware.

If you are interested in learning Why are Celebrities Flocking to Schiaparelli keep reading!

Why are Celebrities Flocking to Schiaparelli


Bold Designs

Lady Gaga Schiaparelli

Designers love wearing pieces that will allow them to stand out! We first saw this when the Design House dressed Lady Gaga in 2021. Lady Gaga wears Schiaparelli Haute Couture to sing the national anthem at the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden. On her chest is a gilded brass dove holding an olive branch as a symbol of harmony and peace. This gilded dove jewellery was subtle, yet a statement piece which suited the event and her personality well.


They are not Afraid to Push Boundaries


When the brand launched the “An AGE OF DISCIPLINE” Haute Couture Spring Summer 2022 Collection, it was clear they were not afraid to push boundaries with their designs + jewellery.  They found a way to merge the two which made it quite interesting to look at.

We’ve executed it in two ways, both engineered by the extraordinary artisans we collaborate with. In the first treatment, we created naive sculptures representing the codes of the Maison, in clay and foam. From here, the eyes and padlocks, the Lobster, the Dove, and a litany of bodyparts, become molds for tissue weight leather.

Their Creative Director

Daniel Roseberry Schiaparelli

This one will surprise you … Daniel Roseberry is an American Designer and Creative Director of the French Haute Couture House Schiaparelli.  He joined the brand in 2013 and has since then elevated the look and feel of the overall designs to include his American influences mixed with Eurocentric designs. He was brought in to breathe “fresh air into the brand” and that he did as we see the Jewellery pieces being highly sought after by American Celebrities and Fashion Enthusiasts alike.

Julia Fox + “Ye”

After two years of thinking about the Surreal, I found myself instead thinking about the empyreal: The heavens as a place to escape from the chaos of our planet, but also the home of a mythical high priestess, at once goddess and alien, who might in fact walk among us. I imagined a being whose very clothes defied rules of gravity: She would wear razor sharp tailoring, with nipped waists and oversized “dove” collars ready to take flight. She would wear a short cream duckbill-backed jacket of tailors “U.S.” cotton toile, embroidered with vintage Schiaparelli palm trees that actually lifted themselves from her shoulders and stood upright at attention. She would wear neat shorts trimmed in ecru silk faille, beige satin waist cinchers, aerodynamic bustiers with cream satin sashes, and fountains of black crin that trembled and bounced in movement. She would wear a long tailcoat in satin back faille, embroidered with a vintage Schiaparelli motif – the Apollo Fountain of Versailles.

And finally, after the rigor of tailoring and exhausting a new, sharper silhouette, she would embrace her inner Folly – giving way to fountains of gold, black plumage, creepy crawlies in cabochons, and a crystal cocktail dress like the inside of a jewelry box. – Daniel Roseberry.

Schiaparelli has certainly managed to re-gain it’s relevance in 2021 – 2022 by following the secret formula for brand success. In order to establish Fashion Houses to be relevant, they have to know their audience (celebrities), be bold in their designs and enlist a talented Creative Director who will be able to take them to another level.

Let me know in the comments section if you are aware of this brand and if you are liking there designs this season.

#Why are Celebrities Flocking to Schiaparelli

#Why are Celebrities Flocking to Schiaparell

#Why are Celebrities Flocking to Schiaparelli


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