Are we all NOT OK? Millennials are Sadder Than Ever

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I’ve been watching a few YouTube videos for research purposes of a few people around my age who seem to be in this weird funk where they have found ways to make the most money they’ve ever made, but they are not motivated.

It’s quite interesting as I’ve felt a shift in my own life after going through significant loss as it relates to death and even purpose. There are times where I’m highly motivated and feel like I can conquer the world and other times I feel I have no drive, lack or motivation. I know for a fact that this is due to stress relating to health and work as I spend most of my time working and less of my time focusing on myself.

Are we all NOT OK? Millennials are Sadder Than Ever

Millennial Stressed

The interesting thing about millennials is we are not afraid of work and challenges and in fact welcome them as we see how hard our parents and those before us work and we don’t want to share that same fate. This however has the downside of not being able to say “no” to the things we can’t manage as we have become victims of hustle culture. This pretty much means we work 24 hours to get some sort of validation that we are not as lazy as our generation has been deemed. If you are in this situation, check out these tips on how to become motivated.

Allow Yourself to Go through the Emotions

I know this might seem counterproductive if you have an extensive workload, but it might be the best thing you could ever do for yourself.  I gave myself a week to wake up late, miss the gym and sleep whenever I’m tired. After that week, I was refreshed and ready to create and begin the work with fresh new ideas.  Whether you are happy or sad, it’s important to allow yourself to feel it all the way through as it will help you to heal faster.

Create a Routine

This routine does not have to be one that has 10 steps but is one simple enough that it will give you something to do daily. It could be something as simple as making the bed daily as soon as you wake up vs “getting back to it later”, which never happens. In my routine, my day starts at 5 am where I head to the Gym for my 1-hour session, I then take a shower, prepare and eat breakfast then begin my work day. 

Do Things you Love

Again, this does not have to be extravagant — you are on a journey and there are steps you have to take which include a variety of things. Though I’m a picky eater, I enjoy trying new Restaurants but was not able to do so based on my schedule. I have been able to fit that in lately and it has made all the difference. I feel relieved and less stressed and I’m even happier. What do you enjoy doing that you have not been able to enjoy recently?

Millennial stressed

Start Therapy

I know my Black People are probably saying:

Black People Don’t do therapy, we solve our own problems”.

It’s  2022 and we are changing that narrative. If you find yourself struggling with issues you can’t comprehend or figure out by yourself, it’s time to sit with a trained professional. There is a chance you could be suffering from a mental illness and you will need to be armed with the right tools to manage and heal and you cannot do it alone. Help in this area is available in the traditional sense, online, via telephone, and even virtually.


If you are feeling a bit down and not motivated, it’s ok to go through the motions of feeling all the emotions. However, if this is an ongoing feeling that limits you from carrying out your daily functions, it might be time to seek professional help.

I hope that I was able to inspire at least one person today to motivate and encourage that dream that has lived in their heart for as long as they can remember.

#Are we all NOT OK? Millennials are Sadder Than Ever

#Are we all NOT OK? Millennials are Sadder Than Eve

#Are we all NOT OK? Millennials are Sadder Than Ever

#Are we all NOT OK? Millennials are Sadder Than Eve

#Are we all NOT OK? Millennials are Sadder Than Ever


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