Flying Solo at Miami Swim Week 2022 | PT 2

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It was just a few days ago an invite arrived in my inbox which asked me to RSVP to the Flying Solo Show in Miami for Miami Swim Week 2022. As this would be my first time at the event, without hesitation, I said “yes” and quickly booked my flight to arrive in the Sunshine State just a few days later.

I had no idea what to expect, but I was somewhat familiar with the brand as I met the co-founders in 2019 at New York Fashion Week before the world “changed”.  If you are not familiar with the Flying Solo Brand, here is a quick overview.


Flying Solo at Miami Swim Week 2022 |PT 2 

Miami Swim Week

About Flying Solo

Flying Solo showcases new talented independent designers from across the globe where they carry their pieces in their showroom in at their locations in New York and Paris. 

Upon arrival,  I was greeted by the amazing team outside the Sola Miami, located on Collins Avenue. I received my Press Pass, A Fan, and was shown to the area where I would set up. I quickly glanced around to scope out the area and saw guests dressed in brightly colored clothing and the pulsating beats of the music were a clear indication that the show was about to start.  I must admit I was pleasantly surprised as It was kinda nothing like I had expected in a good way because things happened so fast!

The models came down the runway right after the other followed by the design team, but there was no announcement of who was who and what pieces belonged to each designer. It was one of those things where you had to be there and you certainly had to know the designers as each seemed to have their own crowd which was evident from the cheering at the end of each collection.

As each piece came down the runway, it was clear each designer had made their unique mark on each piece, as you will definitely never have to worry about going to an event and seeing it on several other guests. This is the amazing thing about Independent Designers because they have not gone mainstream, all the talent and creativity are at the forefront as they are able to release a set number of pieces that will be worn by a select few. 

Visit the gallery to check out a few of the looks from the shows!

My day ended with a strong Strawberry Marguerita that seemed to cool me down for a bit and left me in high spirits. I am happy to have experienced my first Miami Swim Week In-Person and will definitely be back for more shows at the next staging.

Comment your favorite looks below from our gallery.

#Flying Solo at Miami Swim Week 2022 | PT 2

#Flying Solo at Miami Swim Week 2022 | PT 2

#Flying Solo at Miami Swim Week 2022 | PT 2

#Flying Solo at Miami Swim Week 2022 | PT 2

#Flying Solo at Miami Swim Week 2022 | PT 2

#Flying Solo at Miami Swim Week 2022 | PT 2


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