Marry Me NOW | Women Flip the Script

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2022 is quite an interesting year where we’ve been through a Pandemic, Gen Z’s and their opinions reign supreme, and women are being bold and asking for exactly what they want.

This “ask” apparently now includes, asking for a man’s hand in a marriage where they have taken the leap to do what their partners are taking too long to do. There I was scrolling through Tv channels when a show with the name “Marry Me Now” on Oprah’s Network piqued my interest. I immediately clicked and was immediately disappointed. 

Marry Me NOW | Women Flip the Script

woman propose to a man

First off, I think the production could have been more up to standard on Oprah’s Network and the people selecting were lacking a whole lot including common sense. The subject was a woman who lived with a man who had 3 children and felt it was time they got married. She along with the team planned a surprise wedding and engagement and let both sides of the family know she was about to propose. Based on the looks on everyone’s faces, they didn’t think it was a good idea but played along, but a relative of the “Groom-to-Be” expressed she didn’t think it was a great idea and the man would be embarrassed she he would feel it’s something he should do and not the female.


There was another recent incident in Jamaica that went viral where a well-dressed female in heels, went down on one knee to propose to the man she was with for all to see. This of course raised a lot of questions and concerns as Jamaica is deemed as a somewhat reserved country so the comments were far from positive. To get a better insight into this topic, I turned to a few men to hear their take:

Steve: “I love it! As somebody in the wedding industry, with the evolution, independence, and success of women in society. If they see something they want, they should ask for it. All the good women usually give men an ultimatum: they are just taking it a step up”.

Brendon: If she wants the man why not?! It’s weird, women say they are feminists but when it comes to proposing they say “it’s man’s job – go for it”. It’s better than giving the man an ultimatum which makes him feel pressured.

Floyd: I like it!

Personal Thoughts

Woman proposing to man

I’m actually on the fence with this one as I think it depends on the person. Once two people get in a relationship, there should be a conversation about the future and kids. If this conversation does not come up after being in a relationship for more than 3 years, there will be no need for any sort of proposal as it’s probably never gonna happen. There are some men who will tell a woman in the early stages of the relationship that he is not interested in a relationship and the woman takes this as her project to “try to change him”. In this case, the woman proposing to the man will make no sense. However! If the marriage conversation was had, children, then I’m gonna say it’s ok to push things along and propose. I’m completely against the woman getting on her knees to ask for his hand in marriage. It should be a simple conversation where the woman can state that she bought the rings and believe they should get married.


2022 has challenged societal norms including gender roles as it relates to proposals. There are some people who still feel the wedding is the woman’s big day, the proposal is the man’s, and they seem to enjoy it that way!

Let me know in the comments how you feel about a woman proposing to a man.

#Marry Me NOW | Women Flip the Script

#Marry Me NOW | Women Flip the Script

#Marry Me NOW | Women Flip the Script

#Marry Me NOW | Women Flip the Script

#Marry Me NOW | Women Flip the Script

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