The Road to Miami Swim Week 2022

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As you read this, I am currently sitting in a Hotel Room in Miami Beach waiting to attend my first-ever Miami Swim Week Fashion Show.

Each year, I set big goals for myself one of them being attending Miami Swim Week.

The only problem is, I had no idea how I was gonna get there as I’m not keen on the Fashion scene in Miami since I haven’t been back since 2016. As always, I had a plan that included a strategy and I of course had to execute it. If you are interested in learning how I was able to attend Miami Swim Week and cover my first “Swim Week Show”,  keep reading as I will be sharing a few gems on how you can get invited to cover Fashion events and also grow and excel in your niche.

The Road to Miami Swim Week 2022

Research is Key

I will start by saying, I always have a plan that works for me and my brand. If there is something I want or a place I want to go to, the first thing I do is research! Research is always the first stage of my strategy, followed by my “why”.  Why am I going to this place, Why is it necessary now and will this “why” add value to my life?  Since one of our core values is based on giving voice to the voiceless, I had to search to find who were the black designers presenting during the week. I found one designer by way of an Industry platform I’m a part of and shared her content. I reached out to her P.R team for a quick interview and once was article was published, she shared it with her audience which led me to other designers. I was also able to find where most of the shows would be held which allowed me to plan accordingly and helped me to figure out which airport I should fly to and the hotels in that specific area.

Create a Strategy

Now that you’ve done the due diligence and know the way forward, now comes the fun yet challenging part of how you will get there. This is where a lot of people get a little confused as they might do a number of things and end up using the “throwing spaghetti to the roof” trick and hope something will stick. Think of the strategy as the blueprint or map that gives a clear idea of where you are going and what you need to do to get there.  I planned to write a series of content speaking about Miami Swim Week using specific keywords so my articles could be found and I knew these articles had to be posted before the events begin. I also created a budget for back-end updates on the site like getting a developer to add in a meta description, adding in specific keywords that accurately described the Blog and he also increased the page speed. These helped to enhance the user experience as I was adding new content to attract new readers so I wanted the Blog to not only look attractive but be functional. This helps to keep people on the site longer where they are able to browse even more content, which if done correctly can target your specific audience.


You’ve created your strategy so now it’s time to hit the ground running. This area can look different for everyone and it’s important to note there is no right or wrong way to do this. Execution for me looked like booking a flight, figuring out where I will stay and for how long. There will also be other details like finding the right outfit, and accessories as well as getting my hair and nails done.  On the other side of this, execution can also look like being present in the moment or at a location or meeting with a designer or photographer and other miscellaneous things that are necessary to set things in motion. The most important thing is that you follow through ALL the steps of your strategy and get things done in a timely manner.

Consistency is Key

Listen! I know everyone says this, but if so many people are saying the same thing it has to be true right? If we are to backtrack to the strategy; let’s say you decided on using video as a way to get your content out. You need to push that content out on a consistent basis so your audience will be on the lookout. I had a mixed content strategy where I posted different content forms on a number of platforms on different days. I did this consistently for one month until I got my desired result.  There is also the dark side of being consistent where you push and feel like you are not getting your desired result but remember it’s not about you, but your target audience and what they want. This may be the perfect time to re-work your strategy to figure out what is not working and seek other things you can do to reach your goals.

I am incredibly grateful for where I am in my journey as a Blogger and for the opportunities that come my way whether big or small. I really hope this post encourages someone to get up and follow your purpose intentionally.

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Let m know in the comments what the biggest moment in your career was.

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#The Road to Miami Swim Week 2022

#The Road to Miami Swim Week 2022

#The Road to Miami Swim Week 2022

#The Road to Miami Swim Week 2022

#The Road to Miami Swim Week 2022


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