Madonna’s Most Iconic FASHION Moments

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Madonna will be the forever queen of Pop and queen of hearts and known as the original “Material Girl”. The talented Singer recently celebrated her 64th birthday and we decided to pay homage to her by showcasing a few of her most iconic looks. 

If you are a lover of fashion and Madonna and would love some inspiration, keep reading to see her most Iconic Fashion looks.

Madonna’s Most Iconic FASHION Moments

Madonna stepped onto the scene with her self-titled Album on July 27th, 1983

Madonna's most iconic fashion looks

In this look, Madonna dons heavy eye makeup, several bangles that feature a variety of colors, shapes, and textures, and the signature leggings/acid-washed jeans that were popular in the 80s. 

This look is said to have inspired a decade and inspired other celebs during that time period.

Material Girl

Madonna’s Most Iconic FASHION Moments

This is a look we never saw coming and was quite the change from the spiky hair, and bold colors from the 80s. Here she made a total transformation for her album titled “Like a Virgin”. She is more polished and put together as a material girl who wears diamonds, has perfectly styled sleek hair, and a bold pink dress with a satin bow.

Madonna drew inspiration from one of her idols, Marilyn Monroe for this major look. The hot pink strapless dress and white feather boa later went on display at a London exhibition and were subsequently auctioned.


Touched for the Very First Time

Madonna’s Most Iconic FASHION Moments

Madonna is no stranger to changing her look to match whatever project, album, or song she’s working on. We see this in her “Like a Virgin” music video where she’s looking heavenly with a touch of rebel in an all-white ensemble complete with a lacy bustier, matching lace gloves, and a belt that says “Boy Toy”.

The ‘wedding dress’ went on display at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square in 2011 and has spurred endless copycat Halloween costumes in the decades since.

Desperately Seeking Susan

Madonna’s Most Iconic FASHION Moments

Madonna is never one to say away from extreme looks and her look in the Desperately Seeking Susan Movie is one of her tamest, yet notable looks. 

She is seen wearing her signature head bow, where if you pay close attention, bows have been consistent in her looks and are always incorporated.

This time in 1985, she was cast in the film Desperately Seeking Susan with Rosanna Arquette.


The Jean-Paul Gaultier Era

Madonna’s Most Iconic FASHION Moments

It is no secret that Madonna was Jean-Paul Gaultier’s muse for some time. 

The origins of a creative partnership that would last decades were first sighted at the American Music Awards in 1985. 

With a smokey eye and her straight locks loosely held back with a scrunchie, Madonna wore Jean Paul Gaultier’s corset top with a slight cone-shaped bra, accessorised with rosary beads and gloves, naturally.


The Cone Bra

Madonna’s Most Iconic FASHION Moments

Let’s not even pretend that when we think of Madonna, this is one of the first images that came to mind.

During her Blonde Ambition tour in 1990, Madonna debuted what would become to be known as perhaps her most memorable look of all time: the cone bra leotard. 

Created by Jean- Paul Gaultier, the belted corset became an ‘underwear as outerwear’ trendsetter. As proof of its lasting significance, the corset was auctioned at Christie’s in 2012 for £48,000.


Madonna’s Most Iconic FASHION Moments

“Vogue” is said to have coined a phrase for the “growls” back then who couldn’t find a place in society (literally). Many people were left homeless due to their sexuality and life choices and found refuge In what is known as “The Ball Scene”.

People were free to dance and battle which attracted attention from the press and they were able to live freely and make a living.

The 1990 music video for Vogue launched enduring dance moves as well as a timeless look for Madonna. 

The singer wore a sheer lace black top, and diamond cuff bracelets and returned to a short blonde perm for the renowned music video.


Double Denim

Madonna's most iconic fashion looks

For her Ray of Light video in 1998, Madonna committed what has often been considered a cardinal sin in the fashion world: double denim. Did she pull it off, though? Of course, she did.


An ode to Kylie Minogue

Madonna’s Most Iconic FASHION Moments

Madonna paid homage to her fellow pop star Kylie Minogue at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2000 with a tank top that had the name of the Australian singer emblazoned across it. 

Paired with low-slung cowboy-style trousers, Madonna embodied the importance of supporting other women – even if they are your competitors.


Madonna’s looks have been carefully curated to match whatever project, look, or event she’s currently working on, and was a muse for famed Designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier. Madonna has inspired women to tap into their sexuality, and creativity and embrace all elements of their femininity.

Are you a Madonna fan? Let us know your favourite fashion looks during her career.

Madonna’s Most Iconic FASHION Moments

Written by: Lorane Rhoden


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