Salon Bouje Launches Flagship Store in Kingston Jamaica

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If you are a nail care + self-care enthusiast, the place to be was the Grand Opening of Salon Bouje /boozh/ in Kingston Jamaica.

The brand synonymous with press on nails officially opened its door at Shop 10BU in Village Plaza. Salon Bouje became popular during COVID-19 when the country was in lockdown as women were not able to go to the physical nail salon to get their usual services. There was a gap that was adequately filled by brand owner Kay Smith. 

Salon Bouje Launches Flagship Store in Kingston Jamaica

The thing that makes the Press Ons really stand out is the creativity of the designs which is a step up from the regular beauty supply designs. They are expertly created and feature a number of designs, shapes, and colors and they can be easily applied even by those who are not “nail savvy”. Before the store, patrons were able to purchase at Fontana locations and through the website. As the demand for products grew, it was time to branch out into a storefront. 

Salon Bouje Grand Opening Jamaica

This would allow shoppers to interact with the products, test them, and also re-introduce them to in-person shopping which became something of the past due to COVID-19.

According to Kay Smith, Owner of Salon Bouje:

“We started doing press-on nails and now we have expanded into a whole new world of beauty. We have make-up, skincare, robes, jewellery”

Patrons will be happy to know that in addition to the nails they are accustomed to, they can also shop for Skincare, Accessories, Make-Up + Lashes, Robes as well as Sunglasses and Handbags. The store also offers professional make-up services as well as Photo Booth areas complete with background set-up + ring light.

Haute People would like to extend a hearty congratulations to Kay Smith and her team on the grand opening of the store and we will definitely be back again soon to check out all the amazing products and services.

If you are in Kingston Jamaica, be sure to visit Salon Bouje located at Shop 10BU in Village Plaza. 

About Salon Bouje

Born from our parent company ‘Nail Slay JA’, Salon Bouje was created to meet the growing demand for high-quality, long-lasting press on nails and with months of extensive research, designing, and testing; Salon Bouje was born.

From making custom press-on nails we realized we weren’t able to keep up with the number of orders so, we decided to create a brand that offered the same quality as a gel polish custom set. 

We are passionate about nails so we want salon-quality nails to be accessible to everyone in their homes with little effort and damage to your nails. Quickly and affordable. Based in Kingston and Jamaican owned.

Salon Bouje Opens New Store

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Lorane Rhoden


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