Spruce Up Your Space for the Holidays with Design Options Ltd

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The Holidays are upon us and with just a few more “sleeps” they will fully be here!

In Jamaica, it is traditional to pull out all the stops to ensure your home is in tip-top shape for the Holidays as it will bring good luck to have a clean space that is pleasing to the eyes. This includes a fresh coat of paint, new bedding and accessories, and for some, even new furniture!

We recently visited Design Options Ja for the Design Week Ja themed event dubbed “Drapery & Drapery”, where we were given an introduction to the different types of Drapery and how they can be used to transition your space from drab to fab.

Spruce Up Your Space for the Holidays with Design Options Ltd

I know you are probably thinking “Nobody uses drapery anymore, it’s for old people”, I understand as I thought this as well because I feel it ages a space and they are so heavy and expensive to clean. My views on this quickly changed as the team was so knowledgeable and showcased the various fabric and the process/ system involved in drapery and the way they can be combined and coordinated to match your space and personality. 

Design Options Ltd Jamaica
Terry-Ann Heffes | Managing Director

I left the store feeling armed with information and knowledge and confident that I will consider drapery as a way to match my space with where I am in life — low-key boughie, yet chic!

This Holiday season while you decide on how to make your space chicer and aesthetically pleasing, consider drapery! They can be used to add that extra razzle dazzle your space is missing and if you can’t afford a full make-over, these can help to really lift your space a bit.

Learn More About Design Options Ltd

Design Options Limited was started in 1995 to offer quality upholstery and drapery fabrics to the Jamaican public. As requests grew for other products and services, so too did Design Options’ product and service offerings. Design Options began offering trimmings for upholstery and drapery, basic and decorative drapery rods, and wallpaper. Based on the needs of our clients, a workroom was later opened where we now manufacture custom drapery and other soft furnishings, like cushions for example. In addition, we also offer refinishing and re-upholstery services. Ready-made products such as cushion covers, cushion fillers, and curtain panels are also available.

Products available include Wallpaper and borders, Basic and Decorative Drapery rods, Aluminum drapery track and fittings for hotels/sea-side applications, Trimmings and Tiebacks, Upholstery Fabric, Drapery Fabric, Cushion Fillers, Pillows, Ready-made curtain panels, Cushion covers, Area Rugs, Accents rugs, Workroom supplies – buckram, piping cord, drapery pins, etc.

Design Options Ltd Jamaica
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Let us know in the comments below, do you prefer Regular Curtains or Drapes.

We would love to know!

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