Christmas Tree Decor Trends for 2022

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It is no secret that I love Christmas!

I even have a special “Christmas Fund” where I put a specific amount each month leading up to December. I’m not one of those people who randomly throw decorations around hoping something will still — now darling, I have a theme each year that guides how I want my place to look.

This year has been a challenge as nothing has really come to me as I feel I’ve done every theme. I’m torn between “Emerald City” which will feature a regal green, white, gold, and black, and “Candy Cane Lane” which will feature Red, White, and Gold with everything in a striped candy cane theme.

If you love Christmas or just starting to get into all things “Festive” but need to be guided, check out this list to see a few Christmas Tree Decor Trends for 2022.

Christmas Tree Decor Trends for 2022


Natural Tones

Christmas Decor Trends 2022

This eco-first festive vision was growing in popularity last year.  And it is sure to be a key trend for Christmas 2022.

Light greens add color to a predominantly white palette.  Accents of woody brown, terracotta, and gold add warmth to designs.  The resulting fresh, natural aesthetic contrasts fabulously with the time of year. 

Or for an even more natural ambiance, ease off the lighter tones and embrace a variety of shades of green (and greenery!) against darker earthy brown tones.  Finish with accents of matt black and gold for a modern take on cozy rustic.

Popular natural textures such as stone, linen, wood, and cork will add depth and interest.  And delicate patterns inspired by the natural world will be prominent on everything from crockery and glassware to tree ornaments and tealight holders. 


Blue and Gold

Christmas Decor Trends 2022

I’ve actually done this trend two (2) Christmases back and it was a bit different for us here in Jamaica! Most people are used to a the traditional “Green and Red” so anything out of the box is not well received.

Deep rich blues paired with luxurious warm gold looks set to be another one of the big Christmas Trends 2022.  Expect to see blue & gold offerings across the High Street and online.

This timeless elegant colour palette aligns perfectly with increasingly popular celestial designs and products.  Make the most of long December nights whilst remembering the importance of downtime and self-care.

And be sure to embrace the maximalist trend with a more is more approach to your luxurious design.  No need to hold back; it’s time to paint the town blue & gold!


Classic Red and White

Christmas Decor Trends 2022

Red and green is an iconic Christmas pairing and a good go-to color scheme if you’re more of a traditionalist. However, simply taking green out of the equation and relying solely on red and white immediately gives the festive palette a fresh, contemporary update and Scandi-chic vibe. 

“Red and white is a classic Christmas combo that reminds me of candy canes,”

White Christmas trees are soaring in popularity this year and make an excellent blank canvas for red ornaments. You can add an extra “dazzle dazzle” by adding a few black ornaments to sort of balance then tree especially if you are using a white Christmas Tree. 

This is beautiful to look at and an ode to classic meets modern decor.


Pink Passion

Christmas Decor Trends 2022
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Get a head start on 2023’s most popular color trend with muted shades of pink. Incorporate blush and soft pastel pink Christmas decorations to channel a cozy yet whimsical vibe. Pink symbolizes love, affection, and kindness, so the color naturally leans into the Christmas spirit of giving.

“Pink really pops against green foliage,” says Robinson, who recommends mixing it into a lush green fir tree or holly branches to prevent the scheme from becoming too sweet. Pair pale pink shades with light green accents for a contemporary spin on the classic Christmas palette. 

Replace holly branches with eucalyptus and set gold and silver aside in favor of copper, rose gold, and champagne metallics.


Deep Shades of Green

Christmas Decor Trends 2022

This is what I was talking about earlier and the vibe I’m leaning toward this year! This is giving Rich Auntie Vibe who knows how to make her place look just as rich.

Ditch the red and focus on verdant shades reminiscent of a dense coniferous forest. Green works well in both traditional and contemporary homes. Associated with nature, green has an innate calming quality that is welcome during the busy winter season. If your home already sports a green palette, draw on existing decor for inspiration so your Christmas decorations coordinate.

“I think it helps if your Christmas decor complements your interior style, mostly from a sustainable point of view,” says Robinson. “We all know that chucking out last year’s decorations to buy into a new color trend is really wasteful.” Instead of buying new green Christmas decor, explore nature’s own collection of pinecones, acorns, and branches. Dust them with glitter or paint them with metallic paint for an update, then showcase the DIY Christmas decorations on your tree or mantel.


Rainbow Chic

Christmas Decor Trends 2022

I’ve seen this trend and could actually do it if I wanted to since I have all the colors, but it hasn’t been called out to me yet — maybe next year or in the future. If you love bold and fun colours, this trend is perfect for you.

Capture the essence of a merry Christmas with a rainbow of happy hues. Pull off this vibrant trend with a colorful Christmas tree made for maximalists, or dress your tree with multicolored Christmas lights and a collection of all your favorite trimmings. 

“Multicolored is my go-to color palette. You just can’t have too many colors,”. 

 “Metallic brights give a more luxe feel … so I’d go that way for a more sophisticated look.”


Christmas Tree Decor Trends for 2022



Black and White

Christmas Decor Trends 2022
Image courtesy of Taryn Whiteaker | All Rights Reserved

If you are looking for something that is different and out of this world, this is the trend for you. This one is for the people who are looking for a “thin piece” that will make a statement and be a great conversation starter.

This neutral palette couldn’t be further from the rainbow tree trend, but it’s sure to be a welcome relief for minimalists. Black and white isn’t commonly associated with Christmas but styled well, a monochromatic palette can look sophisticated and festive. Dress a black-and-white Christmas tree with monochrome baubles and strings of pearls or black-and-white plaid ribbon with presents wrapped in matching paper. Or opt for a flocked Christmas tree for a snowy white backdrop.

Ready your home for hosting with a crisp white tablecloth and simple matte black dishware. Keep table decorations simple with metallic mini trees or an evergreen centerpiece decorated with black-and-white bows or ornaments. Add warmth to the Christmas color scheme with soft textures, like a faux fur blanket or white knitted throw, and the gentle glow of scented candles. For a hint of color, Robinson suggests throwing in “an accent of red or canary yellow to bring this combo to life.”

I encourage you all to be as creative as you want this year with your Christmas Tree Decorations. If you are on a budget and not able to purchase everything you need to make your vision come to life, use what you have! All it takes is a little imagination and you could have the tree of your dreams.

What is your theme this year? Let me know in the comments below.


Christmas Tree Decor Trends for 2022

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Lorane Rhoden

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