Here’s Why You Need to Start a Blog in 2023

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The world as we know it has changed and gone are the days when one job was good enough for you to live comfortably. 

Regardless of where you live (in the world), we are all in survival mode and doing the best we can to afford basic necessities. Unless you are a super wealthy celebrity or entrepreneur, now is the best time to start something that will generate an income that you will have for years to come and will be your very own.

Here’s Why You Need to Start a Blog in 2023

As a Blogger with over a decade of experience, I’ve curated a list of reasons why you need to start a blog in 2023, and at the end, I share my own PDF Guide that shows you how to start a blog from scratch. I’ve made it super easy to follow how you will purchase and add this to your list of solutions for 2023.

Reasons to start a Blog in 2023

  • You will Own it: A Blog is one of the few things online that is considered your own. It is forever yours when you pay for your domain/hosting service. How many times have you heard stories of creators who have created content on other platforms only to have it taken away? Too many times! You do not own the content on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter Meta/Facebook, or any other platform.
  • To Get Personal: A Blog is a great place for current and potential customers/clients/employees to learn more about your brand.
  • Social Hub: A company is an ideal place to create the content that you share on other social channels.  Detailed posts on interesting topics or new products also serve as the destination for potential new customers.
  • Search Opportunity is knocking: Having a Blog gives you more opportunities to show up in search results. Without a Blog, someone searching relevant keywords for your site may only find your homepage.
  • Google Gets Fresh: In an effort to provide users with more up-to-date
  • and relevant search results, Google introduced the “Google Fresh Campaign”. Essentially, the search giant now ranks sites with fresh content higher than static unchanging sites.  With a Blog, you can easily add new fresh content as often as you like.
  • To Make Money: Believe it or not, Blogging is a 3.4 Billion Dollar Industries Worldwide. Large companies will pay Bloggers to create content on their sites and even review products and so on.

Reasons to start a Blog in 2023

I know 2023 is coming up and things are starting to get really serious and even a bit scary. However, now is the best time to start researching what best works for you and your lifestyle to see how you can position yourself to make more money.

Blogging is a long game type of investment as I like to call it which means you won’t see a return right away, but the sooner you start, the better it will be for you to see how you can start putting things in place to become successful. 

Click the link below to purchase my easy-to-follow PDF Guide on How to Start a Blog for only $USD15

Let me know if there are any questions or concerns about this PDF and I will be happy to help

Written by:

Lorane Rhoden


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