I’m a Certified Digital Marketing Professional… Now What?!

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I’ve been thinking for a while if I should do this post since it’s “Christmas”, but then I thought “If you have a story to tell, tell it, sis”.

Here I go, Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy and truthful life that will make a few people uncomfortable and maybe discouraged.

Writing and Fashion are two (2) things that come naturally to me — creating a blog was the best way to marry my two loves. As the Blog grew, people wanted me to do a few things for them like look over their social media, help them get started on various platforms, and even create content. Though Social Media was new at the time, I welcomed the challenge and did the best I could which soon grew into a curiosity for what else is out there and then discovered “Digital Marketing”. I started my search and learned that in order to get the experience I wanted, I had to work at an Agency, so I got a job. I loved the newfound way I could work with other creatives to build online brands in ripped jeans and a T-shirt! We were changing the world one campaign at a time.

Again, I was more curious and wanted to learn even more and found that I could go to a special school for Digital Marketing and get certified, which I did. I also learned that as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, working with a Brand (not an Agency) was the ultimate goal as brands pay more than agencies and this is where things went downhill.

I’m a Certified Digital Marketing Professional… Now What?!

digital marketing salary

I completely forgot that I live in Jamaica where we are paid peanuts so it doesn’t matter if I’m certified or not, the pay would pretty much be the same as not being certified and Digital Marketing is not really valued here and most companies just view it as “posing on Instagram” or “watching a Tik Tok Video”.

They totally forget about the part where you have to constantly be learning so you can keep up with trends and the ever-changing Digital landscape. There is also the actual work that goes into creating the content, coming up with campaigns, maintaining the accounts and clients, and the actual execution. 

On the other side of that, as a Certified Digital Marketer, while you are skilled in all aspects, you are hired for a specific role with clearly outlined functions, But! You are expected to do them all for the same pay! If you are a Community Manager, you are also the photographer, videographer, graphics designer, project manager, account manager, content creator and so much more. It’s not all bad as there are a few Pros:

  • Flexible Work: Because Digital Marketing is online and can be done anywhere, you pretty much get to work on your own hours. There are companies who will give you a deadline on when things are due, which allows you to work when you are comfortable — this could include day or night.
  • Huge Demand for Competent Digital Marketers: Once you have a few years of experience working in an Agency or with a Brand/Company and are certified, you will become in demand. This is especially true if you have an excellent track record with growing accounts and have built a rapport with clients and company heads.
  • Diverse Options to Explore: Digital Marketing is no “one trick pony”. During my certification, I was exposed to a number of different segments, If you are great at Paid Advertising but want to also try your hand at Website Optimization, the option is there for you to make that career switch as you already have the knowledge.

digital marketing salary

While I must say, becoming a Certified Digital Marketer is one of my proudest honors, (even more than getting a Degree), it also feels like “Why did I even bother”, why go through all that to get a globally certified and recognized certification ( which was not cheap), If I’m going to make less in my country?

I know there are always remote opportunities that pay way more than any company ever could in Jamaica, but the opportunities are slim and there is the possibility of getting scammed I’ve found that most opportunities of this nature are in Tech.

While being a Certified Digital Marketing has its pros and cons, I’m still on the fence about how it has helped me to live a better quality of life and get better opportunities.

Are you a Digital Marketing Professional? Let me know if you are certified and how things have been for you if you are actually certified.

Digital Marketing Salary

Written By:

Lorane Rhoden

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