Restaurant Week Jamaica is Back | Celebrating 16 Years

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Foodies across Jamaica will be happy to know that Restaurant Week Ja is back in November 2022!

This year’s launch was held on October 31, Stephanie Scott’s birthday, who was the conceptualiser of Restaurant Week Ja since it’s inception in 2006.

Haute People, along with individuals who were instrumental in the success of the weeklong food fare event, gathered at Fromage Bistro in Kingston to also celebrate 16 years of stagings of the event. When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by the signature grand magenta “Restaurant Week Fork”, which has been the hallmark of the brand since it came on the scene in 2018. Interestingly enough, since Stephanie’s passing, it was passed on from the homes of a few individuals who were at the gathering as it has been a way to keep her spirit alive in hopes that the event would be back in full swing someday soon.

Restaurant Week Jamaica is Back | Celebrating 16 Years

That day came soon enough after an announcement seen on the brand’s Instagram page with an image that gave foodies hope that the event would be back this year. This was then confirmed at the launch by Mrs. Debra Taylor-Smith, Luxury Portfolio Manager, Select Brands  who expressed:

“Here we are at the launch, but before there was a to and fro of should we, should we? And it came to a point that  it was decided we should and we have been canvassing the Restaurants for a couple of months. 

Wines from Select Brand made the perfect pair to a few new bites added to the Fromage menu for Restaurant Week Ja 2022.

Up first was, Scotch bonnet fig bruschetta that had the right balance of spice and sweetness which sat on top of a perfectly toasted French bread. 

The second bite of the night was a deliciously crispy Salmon spring roll  — these had an ample amount of salmon which was seasoned perfectly and was the favourite of the evening based on the compliments of each guest.  

For those who loved pork, they were treated to Pork Belly Bites, which according to local Travel Blogger, Jhunelle Jureidini was “really good”. We ended the night with the cutting of the cake to celebrate 16 years which was a delicious vanilla and chocolate delight!

Restaurant Week Launch 2022

So far, the signature food categories for Restaurant Week have been published which saw an increase in price due to the economy.

  • Epicurean JMD$5,800
  • Delectable JMD$4,800
  • Savory JMD$3,800
  • Morning Bites & Nyam and Scram | RW Combo 30% Off
  • Tasty JMD $2,350

Get ready to Eat in and Dine Out at all your favourite restaurants across the island from November 11 – 20, 2022

We encourage you all to go out with your friends and family to support local Restaurants.

Visit the Restaurant Week Ja on Instagram and pick up a copy of the Jamaica Observer to see the full list of Restaurants.


About Restaurant Week Jamaica

Restaurant Week Jamaica
Stephanie Scott

Restaurant Week is a week-long, family-oriented event that encourages patrons to have fun, go out and dine in restaurants across the island. Menu items are themed with different price categories. Food Lovers can look forward to a wide range of cuisine to excite the palate and tease the mind; all centered around great ambiance and good vibes.

Photos are courtesy of Keon Predi Photography | All Rights Reserved

Written By:

Lorane Rhoden

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