Surprise! I’m Doing #Vlogmas 2022

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Hi Guys!

I hope you have all been doing well and trying to keep your head above water in these trying times. I’ve been on a journey since July of this year to really put myself out there and grow the Haute People brand online. After all, I’m a certified Digital Marketing Professional and I’ve decided to apply some of the strategies I implement to grow brands online.

This has seen me being consistent on Instagram and Tik Tok to jump on a few trends as well as to create content centered around Lifestyle.  I’m not yet sure that will share a vlog each day, but I’m committing to 3 Vlogs each day until December 25, 2022.

Surprise! I’m Doing #Vlogmas 2022

Blogmas 2022

What do I hope to get from this? Here are a few of my goals:

  • Growth: To grow my follower count on Instagram and Tik Tok. I’m aiming for a 15% growth rate on these platforms
  • Visibility: I want my content to be seen by a wider audience so they can be introduced to the Haute People brand.
  • Engagement: Each vlog will have a Call-to-action (CTA) at the end that will ask my followers to complete an action whether this is like, share comment or follow! In 2023, I hope to work with more brands (locally and internationally) and engagement is important as it shows that people actually like my content.
  • A/B Testing: This is a term that people who work in or are familiar with Digital Marketing will understand. This pretty much means you create out to put out similar or different content to an audience segment to see which one works the best. I’ve realised that Tik Tok is all about trends and using trending audio in videos and these get more views. I also find that people love Lifestyle content where I vlog and show them experiences from my point of view. Instagram on the other hand, is so different and hard to grow these days. Sometimes short reels work and another time longer reels work! It’s been hard to grow on this platform and it hope to figure things out.
  • To Break the 4th Wall: Content creators are all about curating the perfect life for the aesthetics that people forget they are real people with real struggles. I hope to show people behind the scenes real moments in my life and all the things I do on a daily basis that involve wins and losses. I really want to show more of my personality as I rarely do that.

The first episode of Vlogmas will launch on December 1, 2022, and only Instagram and Tik Tok platform 

This has been a really interesting season of my life and as a means of growing and learning from my mistakes, I will be documenting moments in video format to hopefully motivate people to get up and “go boldly in the direction of their dreams” to do things that scare them.

Blogmas 2022

Let me know if you’ve ever done something completely opposite to your personality to put yourself out there to really test your abilities.

Written By:

Lorane Rhoden

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