5 Quick DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space For The Holidays

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We are at the end of the year and the main focus right now is ensuring we made our Christmas list and checked it twice to ensure we got everything we needed!

Another important thing is to make sure our house is in order which is a Big thing for Caribbean natives and those in the diaspora. Caribbean people go all out at the end of the year to make sure our homes are in tip-top shape as we usher in a new year.

We are very innovative and resilient people who are good with our hands and firm believers in using what we have! Today, I will be sharing 5 Quick DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space For The Holidays. 

5 Quick DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space For The Holidays

diy home projects ideas

Create a Statement Wall with Wall Paper

This is probably one of the easiest things on this list as all you need is an area you would like to bring to life and interesting wallpaper. 

Due to the ingenuity of design, there is now the popular “Peel and Stick Wall Paper”, where as the name suggests, all you do is peel the paper to reveal a sticky layer that you can apply to the walls. If you opt for a more high-end or complex design or texture, you might want to involve a second person to ensure it has been applied correctly.

Wallpaper can be sourced online from sites like Amazon or your local hardware or home-related store.

Sealing Cracks

This one is a little different but for many of us who have older homes, we understand! There is this type of material that is used in the Caribbean for roofing that is framed by wood panels. In my Vlogmas Episode 2 video, my ceiling has a few cracks on the side where I realized that really tiny bamboo leaves were falling through. It definitely was not a huge crack for everyone to see but I saw it and decided to seal it myself!

diy home projects ideas

This was a task I wish I didn’t take on as halfway through, the mixture I made got everywhere! On the curtains, the floor, the tub, and even the toilet. I persevered and ended up loving the result and would encourage anyone to try it. It was the feeling of immediate gratification I got at the end that made it worthwhile.

Paint the Front Door

 Add a bold color to your front door like Red or even Yellow to really uplift your space and add some personality! I personally haven’t done this yet but it’s something I’m thinking about for the new year and it’s all about finding the right color and the right type of paint.

Since it’s the front door that is exposed to the elements, I would recommend getting weatherproof paint that will stand the test of time.

Again, this is a super easy project as all you need is paint and a few supplies.

Tile a Backsplash

This is great for people who have a rented space but hate the way the kitchen backsplash looks but might not be allowed to do a complete makeover. 

This project is quite similar to the wallpaper project as you can also source and install peel-and-stick or “stick” tiled backsplashes from a number of places. Your number one place is of course Amazon and a few stores like Ace Hardware.

diy home projects ideas

Install Vinyl Floor

This is for the people who would like new floors but might not have new floors budget!

I actually did this project last year and I spent the equivalent of USD$10 to transform my closet floor as I didn’t have the budget to get new floors. I loved the way it turned out as I already know what the end results would be since I selected the pattern.

If you are looking for fun, budget-friendly ways to transform your space this holiday season, try these five (5) easy tips!

Let me know if you like to Do things Yourself or if you prefer to go out and purchase everything you need that is already made.

Written By:

Lorane Rhoden

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