The First Blog Post of 2023 | What 2022 Taught Me

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Oh Lawd 2022 Drained Me!

If you ever feel like you are not where you want to be or constantly question your purpose in life, welcome to adulthood. It’s very ghetto here but ever so often you are taught many lessons you never wanted to learn but came out somewhat wiser.

2022 was when the world re-opened, opening a can of worms for many of us that saw us leaving jobs, relationships, and friendships that didn’t serve us. So many of us suffered in silence as we tried our best to navigate through the test and trials solo.

Below are a few things I learned that I wanted to share. 

The First Blog Post of 2023 | What 2022 Taught Me

Lessons I learned In 2022

Just Let Things Be

As humans, we have that natural instinct where we try to fix things. We chase after these things and people who are already way ahead of us and don’t want to be chased. Once something or someone has escaped from us, in most cases, it’s best to let it be. Leave things as they are and you will find peace … eventually.

Let People Go

This goes hand in hand with the point above, the sooner we let people go, the sooner we will begin to heal and focus on our lives. There are some people we’ve outgrown and choose to have in our lives that we just need to simply let go of! It’s often said everyone who comes into our lives comes for a specific purpose – this is either a reason or a season. Once it’s any of the latter, let them go and be free.

Don’t Fight for Closure

Have you been in one of those relationships where you give and give and get nothing in return, then it suddenly ends and you try to figure out why? I’ve learned this lesson too many times and during my last go around, no closure was needed, I simply moved on.


Don’t Search for Answers

Who are we to try to figure out why things happen the way they do and why are people the way they are? If you’ve been in a bad relationship for example, during that time, that is your reality. Nothing matters and you can’t see beyond it. The minute you get the strength and courage to leave it all behind is natural to ask “why”. In reality, sometimes it’s better to not know. 

Don’t have expectations of People

I was guilty of placing people on a pedestal and expecting the best things from them. Just because you have a person’s best interest at heart, does not mean that they have your best interest at heart. If you are in a relationship or friendship, go in with an open mind and expect nothing in return.

Lessons I learned In 2022

Trust God’s Timing

This was my biggest lesson yet and is the test I keep getting because I keep failing. In 2022, God gave me what I asked for and immediately showed me why it wasn’t for me! The thing about God’s timing is that though perfect, it might not be in line with our timing as we want things right away. If I ask for something, I will not get it at the snap of a finger as there is a learning and pruning that comes along with it. If I ask for a great job, I might get a job that is good but in a toxic environment, and the only way to appreciate a great job is to learn how to navigate the terrible one.

Give Myself more Grace

If God’s grace is sufficient for me, who am I to not give myself grace? Why must we be so hard on ourselves when all we have to do is let it go and give it all to God? This for me was my “Healthy Lifestyle Change”, I was consistent in the Gym and eating healthily and was so hard on myself for not seeing the changes I think I should be seeing. During this time, people were complimenting and commending me but I was just so hard on myself.

Ask For Help

I struggle to ask for help as I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. For a quarter of 2022, I struggled in all aspects of my life and told a friend who then told me to tell my family what I was going through. The minute I did, it was like the world opened up for me. I was sitting in my own guilt and shame and felt like I had no alternative but the minute I asked for help is when things changed.

You Gifts Will Make Room for You

Lessons I learned In 2022

I am still trying to figure out what my purpose is, but I’m thinking it has something to do with bringing people together and telling their stories. Because of my gift for Writing and Journalism, I attended my first Miami Swim Week Fashion Show in July and it was amazing. Quite often when I go to Fashion shows overseas, I am the only Blogger there and I often wonder “why” don’t I see all these other people who are killing it on their Social Media Platforms. It’s amazing what utilizing the gifts that God has given you can do and how they can open doors in places you never imagined you would be in.

Just do It

If you are planning on making a major or minor change or step, just do it! Stop waiting for the right time or on a Monday or even the New Year. I started my Fitness Journey on a random Tuesday in October 2020. I had the desire to join a gym and decided I was not going to wait until the new year and it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Get out there and do it! If you fail, fail fast and try again.

2022 was definitely a year that stretched us to the absolute limit and thought it was extremely difficult, I’m looking forward to what 2023 will bring and the things God has in store for me. 

What are a few lessons you learned in 2022? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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