8 Fun Facts About Aquarius

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It is officially the start of the best month ever and as an Aquarius, I thought I would share a few #FunFacts about this particular sign just for fun! It actually took me a while to subscribe to this notion, as I was not into (and still not into astrology), but I’ve noticed similarities among people deemed as “February Aquarius”. If you are interested in learning more, check out a few fun facts below.

8 Fun Facts About Aquarius

Aquarius is an AIR Sign

I was just as surprised! I heard Aquarius and immediately thought “water” but this is actually one of the most common myths. It does not help that the sign is depicted by the “water bearer” and also two horizontal water”waves”. It is the third air sign along with Libra and Gemini.

fun facts about Aquarius

Aquarius is open-minded

We are open-minded and are able to see problems from different angles. This allows us to think deeply and come up with solutions that are often out of the box, but this can sometimes cause us to be overthinkers.


Aquarius is an Independent Lone Wolf

 We are great at making friends because of our naturally weird personalities, but we are not actually interested in cultivating those friendships as we are deemed as introverted. If a friendship requires a lot of time and work, we are not interested.

fun facts about Aquarius

Aquarius is a little Kooky

I can safely say, this is true! I am a lover of funky fashion and I like to boost that I have eclectic music taste. I can go from Hip Hop to Country or Reggae/Dancehall to Electric Pop. If it’s weird and a bit out there, I’m into it.

Aquarius is stubborn

When an Aquarius has their mind set on something it is best to simply get out of the way! Aquarius is known for having strong ideas and opinions and will not change them to fit someone else’s ideal.

fun facts about Aquarius

Aquarius doesn’t sweat the small stuff

This is one of the more interesting Aquarius facts: Since Aquarius is often focused on big thinking and grand ideas, they are actually very chilled out and relaxed when it comes to the little things.

Aquarius the visionary leader

People born under Aquarius are fiercely independent and are natural born visionaries and leaders. Some famous Aquarians who fit this ideal include, Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks, Michael Jordan, Galileo Galilee and Abraham Lincoln.

fun facts about Aquarius

Aquarius as a parent

People born in Aquarius might just be the best parents of all the zodiac signs. Most important to the Aquarius parent is to support their children’s freedom and independence. Aquarius parents also embrace their quirky side and encourage it in their children.

Which of these Fun facts do you identify with the most? Comment below to let me know


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