Green Gourmet: Transforming the Jamaican Food Scene with Sustainable Practices

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Jamaica is known for its vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and delicious food. But with the increasing global concern for the environment, more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, including when it comes to food. This is where Green Gourmet comes in – a Jamaican restaurant that serves mouth-watering dishes and prioritizes sustainability in all aspects of its operations. 

Green Gourmet: Transforming the Jamaican Food Scene with Sustainable Practices

Green Gourmet’s Instagram account is a feast for the eyes, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly practices. From the farm-to-table approach to their packaging, Green Gourmet is leading the way in sustainable food practices in Jamaica.

One of the standout features of Green Gourmet is their use of plant-based ingredients in their dishes. While Jamaica is famous for its meat dishes like jerk chicken and oxtail, Green Gourmet proves that vegetarian and vegan cuisine can be just as delicious. Their Instagram account features colorful and creative dishes like jackfruit tacos and vegan curry, demonstrating that plant-based eating can be both satisfying and tasty.

But Green Gourmet’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just its food offerings. The restaurant also places great importance on reducing waste and carbon emissions. They also work with local suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint by sourcing ingredients from nearby farms.

I visited the Restaurant recently at their new location at 195 Constant Spring Road, Manor Centre in Kingston Jamaica just to have a better understanding of their offerings. The minute I arrived, the first thing that greeted me was their outdoor greenery that featured spices and herbs that were so expertly placed so you will know it is in fact “green”. I spoke with the Manager Peter, who informed me that the Restaurant was established in June 2021 with their signature bowls and “skinny lemonade” being top sellers among the customers.

“The concept of Green Gourmet is healthy eats, it’s fun and healthy food where you can not worry about being restricted with nice tasting meals and still have a balanced diet”.

My Personal Experience


Green Gourmet Jamaica

The thing I personally like about the menu is that though there is quite a number of bowls, I’m still able to build my own bowl with my selection of base, protein, and other add-ons. If you are a salad girlie or guy, there is also a salad bowl option! You can also top your meal off with their signature “skinny lemonade”.  I opted for the Salmon Bowl, Pumpkin Rice, Salsa, and Lettuce and it was absolutely delicious. I love Teriyaki-styled anything and Salmon is one of my favourite proteins so it was a no-brainer. The Salmon was good to perfection, the lettuce was fresh and crunchy and the salsa was also made fresh with tomatoes, and onions and had a spice kick that was just enough and not overbearing. I enjoyed my feel as it was wholesome, healthy, and filling! 10/10, I would highly recommend it.

Green Gourmet Jamaica

Green Gourmet’s sustainable approach is a breath of fresh air in Jamaica, where the tourism industry heavily relies on imported goods and a fast-paced lifestyle. They demonstrate that it is possible to enjoy delicious food while being conscious of our environmental impact.

Green Gourmet is leading the way in transforming the Jamaican food scene into one that is not only delicious but also sustainable.

Disclaimer: Green Gourmet also offers items such as wings and burgers + more! The purpose of this Blog Post is to highlight there are Green/Sustainable options in Kingston Jamaica.

Follow them on Instagram to learn more about their offerings and to try their delicious food and beverages!

Green Gourmet Instagram

@greengourmetja | https://www.instagram.com/greengourmetja/

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