Stars Turn Out For the “Slow Motion”  Video + Short Film Premiere

At Rok Hotel in Kingston Jamaica
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Baby Cham and Bounty Killer are teaming up for their upcoming EP Time Bomb, set to drop in Fall 2023! The EP is set to credit Dave Kelly as Executive Producer, who’s sure to add some extra magic to the mix.

Stars Turn Out For the “Slow Motion”  Video + Short Film Premiere At Rok Hotel in Kingston Jamaica

Their first single, “Slow Motion,” featuring Dexta Daps, is a smooth and sultry jam that will make you feel like you’re in your own world. From the intoxicating lyrics to the sexy beat, this song is sure to put you in a mood.

Baby Cham and the crew have decided to take things up a notch by adding a short film to the music video. They want to tell a story, not just about a “great party,” but about the excitement and anticipation leading up to it! From picking out the perfect outfit to getting that fresh haircut, every little detail counts. And when a party like this goes down, it’s not just the party-goers who benefit! Everyone from the hairdressers to the peanut man gets a chance to make some money.

Slow motion music video

You know that moment in a party when you lock eyes with someone special and the world fades away? That’s what “Slow Motion” is all about! – Baby Cham

We were pleased to be among invited guests at the Premiere of the “Slow Motion” video and Short Film at Rok Hotel in Kingston on Wednesday May 3, 2023. 

The theme for the night, according to Baby Cham, was “James Bond”, as he opted to be called “Bond” while wearing a custom suit from his Lawless brand. Bounty Killer and Dexta Daps shared a similar sentiment where they are encouraging people to to check out the EP the minute it drops as it will be an ode to Dancehall as it was, back in the early 80s and 90s.

It was a star-studded night as we also saw Bounty Killer and Dexta Daps on the Red Carpet who are both included on the track. 

Slow motion music video

We were able to speak to these two about their outfits and what to expect from the EP and they shared collectively:

“ The EP is coming on very lovely, Slow Motion is the second single and Bloodcl@@t was the first single, the peoples song. This is the second song featuring Dexta Daps and appearance from Jada Kingdom in the Video. – Bounty Killer

“ The EP is fabolous, it something you need– it’s entertainment, it’s dancehall, it’s real” – Dexta Daps.

Visit Youtube to watch the “Slow Motion” Music Video and the Short Film.

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