Bob Marley: One Love Movie | Bob’s Style Review

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The Trailer for the new Bob Marley Movie: “Bob Marley; One Love” was recently released and already, the Internet is divided! As Jamaicans, we are VERY serious when it relates to anything that has do to with our culture, especially when it has to do with an icon like Bob Marley. He had a distinctive way of speaking and dressing and that is where we come in.

Bob Marley: One Love Movie | Bob’s Style Review

We here at Haute People are all about Fashion and we wanted to see how accurately they got the style of the late 60s and 70s. Based on a proclamation made by Hardy Amies:

A man should pick his clothes with care; then look as though he’s forgotten all about them

I’ve decided to describe Bob Marley’s style as “Elevated Sportswear“, as though music was his first love, Football was a close second. He was often seen playing football with his bandmates and always sported a particular look on and off the field.  Read below to see how the style of then compares to the upcoming movie.

A Look at Bob Marley’s Style



Bob Marley Movie: Bob Marley Fashion


Bob loved denim and one could easily say he’s a Pioneer of the trend. He was often seen in the “Denim on Denim” trend which is wearing denim on the top and denim on the lower half, hence the name. He was also seen wearing denim as outerwear in a ripped style demin jacket and also his popular Denim Patchwork shirt which was also featured in the Movie. This iteration was not spot on but was close enough for us to realise the stylist was paying homage to the original design.


Track Suits

Bob Marley One Love Movie: Bob Marley Style

Bob Marley Movie: Bob Marley Style

It is very obvious Bob has an affinity with the Adidas brand as he wore almost everything from this brand! This includes T-Shirts, Shorts, Jackets, Pants, and of course the signature Adidas striped tracksuit which he paired with Sambas. Since he was into Football, this design of shoes was inspired by the cleats that also happened to be Adidas. If you are into Fashion and Trends, now would be the best time to purchase a pair of Sambas as it gets closer to the official release of the movie, they will definitely get more expensive.

There was the belief that Bob’s love of Adidas could be because it was similar in name to “Addis Ababa”, the capital city of Ethiopia and the birthplace of Rastafarianism. 

Tam or Rasta Hat

Bob Marley Movie: Bob Marley Fashion

This is commonly associated with the “Pat” as a way to tuck the hair away. The Tam is knitted using wool and is often in Rastafarian colours. This was also seen in a few scenes in the trailer.


Bob Marley One Love Movie Fashion

Bob loved a good jacket and was often seen in styles in Leather, Polyester,  and his signature utilitarian style in Khaki and Army Green. His Love of outerwear could be because he lived in London after the attempted assassination which caused him to switch his style from tropic and relaxed to clothing that provided warmth.


Bob Marley One Love Movie Fashion

Bob’s Guitar was very much a part of his image and his instrument of choice. His guitar would feature an image of Haile Selassie and the Rastafarian colors. 


Relaxed Pants

Bob Marley Movie Fashion

Another trend that Bob Marley sort of  “soft launched” was relaxed-fitting pants. Like outerwear, this could have been taken from his time in London where he would have transitioned out of wide-leg jeans or “bell bottom pants”, as we call them in Jamaica. These were neither tight nor loose but were constructed to fit his body.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve seen the Bob Marley” One Love Movie Trailer and your thoughts just based on that. Also, let us know if there is anything else we missed that is inherent to Bob Marley’s Style.

Bob Marley Movie

Written by: Lorane Rhoden


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