London Fashion Week FW24 Recap: Stand Out Brands

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The Fall/Winter 2024 season of London Fashion Week has gracefully concluded, leaving fashion enthusiasts with a captivating array of high-energy displays from both seasoned and up-and-coming designers. Renowned names like Chet Lo, Simone Rocha, and David Koma made a triumphant return to the runway, while emerging labels such as Sinead O’Dwyer, Sinead Gorey, and Susan Fang stole the spotlight with their inclusive casting, immersive set designs, and vibrant soundtracks.

London Fashion Week FW24 Recap: Stand Out Brands

In this retrospective, we delve into the standout moments of LFW FW24, spotlighting the best staging, the most inclusive show, and offering honorable mentions that left a lasting impression.

“Human Resource” on Wheels: SRVC’s Commute Revolution

Commutes to work are often mundane, but SRVC transformed this daily ritual into a captivating experience with their FW24 showcase, aptly titled “Human Resource.” Staged on a London bus, the show celebrated the function and purpose of commuting, emphasizing societal voyeurism. Creative director Ricky Wesley Harriott expressed the vision: “I want to create garments that make women feel like the most important person in the room, not to appease others but for themselves.”

Best Soundtrack: Sinead Gorey’s British Teenage Symphony

London Fashion Week 2024

Sinead Gorey took us on a journey through the “British teenage experience” with her high-energy, pop-infused showcase. Reviving schoolgirl archetypes, the presentation featured her reinterpretation of classic school tartans, complemented by nostalgic accessories like iPod shuffle clips and jelly spike nails. Fashion royalty Bimini Bon Boulash graced the runway, accompanied by an unforgettable soundtrack featuring musical icons Sugababes, The Prodigy, and Lily Allen.

Most Inclusive: Sinead O’Dwyer Leads the Way

Sinead O’Dwyer emerged as a trailblazer in inclusivity, earning the title of the most inclusive show. Honorable mentions were also extended to Saul Nash, Yuhan Wang, and Kazna Asker. Kazna Asker’s politically-charged showcase, “What Are We Fighting For,” explored her British-Yemeni upbringing through sportswear-inspired, modest looks, narrating a poignant story of community and culture. Saul Nash paid homage to 30 years of UK garage by collaborating with MCs and photographers, while Yuhan Wang seamlessly fused classical music with the voices of iconic female lawyers, including the indomitable Elle Woods.

As we bid adieu to LFW FW24, these memorable moments continue to resonate, cementing the season as a remarkable chapter in the ever-evolving tapestry of fashion.

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