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Finding Your Tribe : The Ultimate Guide to College Societies

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College is a time for new experiences, new friends, and most importantly a new perspective on life. From living in dorms with strangers to navigating the new literature that is a step up from what you have once experienced, it takes a lot of getting used to this new time for adulting. If you have older siblings or parents who went to college, the chances are you’ve met at least one person who said it was one of the best times of their lives. Campus life is for meeting friends for life, but how does one meet like-minded people? Through societies, of course.

Finding Your Tribe : The Ultimate Guide to College Societies

Depending on the scale of university you attend, there could be hundreds of societies to choose from. From cheerleading to acapella societies, you can find just about any type of society that is tailored to the interests of small, valuable groups of students. Finding your tribe is the key here, and finding the best one for you can be daunting, but it is worth the effort, trust us! Take a look at our tailored road map as to how you can become a social butterfly:


Know Thyself

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Before diving in head first and joining tej first club you find slight interest in, look within yourself. It might sound cliche, but college can be the time to reinvent yourself if you have been yearning for change. Perhaps you have followed the status quo in years prior, but now you want to spread your wings and try something new. What kind of person are you currently, and who is the person you aspire to be? Are they confident, outgoing, and practising a specific sport? In this case, you might join a debating society to build your public speaking ability, and perhaps a street dance society if you have been dreaming of dancing on the stage. Know who you are, what you enjoy, and the things you wish to be that may have previously been held back by a lack of self-belief. 

 Explore the Options

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There will be a boatload of societies to choose from, so choose wisely. Jumping ships from multiple societies might not be received well by the members, so pick one or two that resonate with you the most and go with the flow. Be sure to attend the college fairs and social events to speak with people who are currently in societies and find out what they love most about their groups. Hearing it from the horse’s mouth is the best source of credibility. Not to mention finding people who you get along with can also steer you towards the right group of people for you.

Sample the Scene

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Many societies allow you to attend a meeting or two before committing. This is a great way to assess if the group dynamic meshes well with your personality. Don’t be shy to introduce yourself and ask questions! Spark up a conversation based on relatability. Start with a talking point such as a compliment for their outfit, and figure out what kind of people you will be associated with. 

Consider the Time Commitment

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Societies can be a fantastic time investment, but be realistic about your schedule. Look at meeting times and event commitments to avoid overbooking yourself. Remember, your academic success should always come first.


It’s Okay to Multitask

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There’s no rule saying you can only join one society. If you have a diverse range of interests, explore multiple options! Just be mindful of managing your commitments effectively.

Bonus Tip: Become a Leader!

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Don’t see a society that perfectly aligns with your interests? Why not take the initiative and start your own? Many colleges have resources available to help you get your dream society off the ground. For example, if you love fashion and there is no fashion society, be the change you need to see. Bring people together through posting on social media. Perpash makes it a competition to see who can design the best black abaya. Nothing brings people together like a good competition, and in this case, you all get to praise each other’s work!

College societies are a fantastic way to create lasting memories, develop new skills, and discover your passions. So, put yourself out there, explore your options, and get ready to find your tribe!


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