Carnival Glam Hub Expands to Toronto, Partnering with Kayla Martone to Launch Franchise

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 Carnival Glam Hub, a leading provider of on-site beauty services for masqueraders, proudly announces its new franchise in Toronto, Canada, in collaboration with the well-known carnival influencer Kayla Martone. This partnership introduces Glam Hub’s celebrated makeup, hair, and photography services to participants of Toronto’s renowned Caribana festival. 

Carnival Glam Hub Expands to Toronto, Partnering with Kayla Martone to Launch Franchise

Gabrielle Waite, co-founder of Carnival Glam Hub and a celebrity makeup artist, expressed excitement about the collaboration: “Partnering with Kayla Martone is a thrilling development for us. Her enthusiasm for carnival culture and her commitment to enhancing the masquerader’s experience perfectly align with our mission. We look forward to bringing our unique blend of energy and professional service to Toronto’s vibrant Caribana celebrations.” 

Carnival Glam Hub
Kayla Martone

Kayla Martone, a passionate advocate for carnival and a seasoned masquerader, shared her perspective: “I’m absolutely delighted about this venture. Working with Carnival Glam Hub, a team known for its professionalism and dynamic atmosphere, is incredibly exciting. Toronto’s Caribana is the perfect stage to showcase our combined efforts to provide an unmatched 

carnival experience.” 

What Makes Carnival Glam Hub Toronto Special: 

  1. Exclusive Services: Toronto masqueraders can enjoy Glam Hub’s full range of services, including the special combo package of makeup, photoshoot, and a complimentary video reel, exclusively available to masqueraders from the Tribal Carnival band. 
  2. Ease and Convenience: Carnival Glam Hub simplifies the hectic carnival morning, allowing masqueraders to relax and prepare with all services under one roof at their Caribana location. 
  3. Cultural Impact: The collaboration is set to enhance the cultural tapestry of Toronto’s Caribana, contributing significantly to the local celebration of Caribbean heritage. 

Kayla adds, “Carnival morning can be overwhelming, but Carnival Glam Hub transforms it into a joyous, streamlined experience. From professional makeup application to capturing stunning photographs, we ensure every masquerader feels like a star.”

About Carnival Glam Hub

Founded in 2017 by Gabrielle Waite and Kibwe McGann, Carnival Glam Hub has revolutionized carnival preparation by offering comprehensive beauty services in one location. Known for its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, Glam Hub ensures masqueraders look their best while enjoying the festivities. 

About Kayla Martone: 

Kayla Martone is a prominent figure in the carnival community, celebrated for her deep connection to and advocacy for carnival culture. With her extensive experience and infectious passion, Kayla plays a pivotal role in promoting and celebrating Caribbean traditions in North America. 

For more information about Carnival Glam Hub’s services and their new Toronto franchise, visit Carnival Glam Hub’s website or follow them on social media. 

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