Saint International’s Runway Heats Up with Fresh Faces and Award-Winning Designs!

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Saint International’s annual extravaganza unfolded last Sunday night, transforming the AC Hotel Kingston into a runway for rising stars and visionary designers. The Saint Fashion Face of the Caribbean Competition and Avant Garde Designer of the Year Competition captivated the audience with both fresh talent and cutting-edge fashion.

Saint International’s Runway Heats Up with Fresh Faces and Award-Winning Designs!

saint international models

This year’s competition boasted a record-breaking number of hopefuls, with 43 females and 38 males battling it out for the coveted title. For the past month, these aspiring fashion icons honed their skills under the expert guidance of Saint International’s CEO, Deiwght Peters.

Peters couldn’t hide his pride as he addressed the audience, emphasizing the exceptional potential he saw in the newcomers.

“We’ve witnessed countless new faces blossom into international stars,” he declared. “This year’s crop is no different. You’ve just seen at least 20 future sensations on that stage!”

The competition was fierce, with the contestants captivating a panel of judges that included local fashion powerhouses alongside international experts from Italy, Spain, the USA, the UK, and Germany. Local artists like Tifa, J’Calm, and Saint favorite D’Angel kept the energy pumping between rounds, adding to the electric atmosphere.

Introducing the Next Generation of Fashion Royalty

saint international models

After what felt like an eternity of anticipation, the moment of truth arrived. The winners were revealed, and met with thunderous applause from the crowd.

  • Winning Gentlemen:
    • Nikul Patterson (17 years old) – Third Place
    • Sajar Graham (16 years old) – Second Place
    • Deandre Carr (18 years old) – Champion
  • Victorious Ladies:
    • Bianca Baccas (16 years old) – Third Place
    • Ayanna Jamieson (14 years old) – Second Place
    • Arianna O’Connor (18 years old) – Top Billing

Each winner reveled in their victory lap, with Arianna O’Connor, the female champion, leaving the judges speechless with her show-stopping signature walk. Her infectious delight upon winning was a highlight of the night.

Karlene Levy Takes Home the Avant-Garde Crown

saint international models

In the realm of fashion, “avant garde” signifies revolutionary designs that redefine the industry’s boundaries. This year,Karlene ‘Nina’ Levy emerged victorious in the Saint’s Avant Garde Designer of the Year competition.

Levy battled against established names like Kadian Nicely and Andre Shirley, but it was her unique interpretation of the theme “Glamour is the heartbeat of the moment” that captivated the judges. Her design, inspired by Jamaica’s 1962 era and modeled by Shemonie Butler, was a breathtaking all-white crocheted masterpiece featuring an elaborate mini-skirt and top.

This win held particular significance for Levy, a seasoned competitor finally claiming the top prize. “There’s no better feeling,” she expressed. “After years of competing, this win is incredibly validating. While everyone pours their heart into their creations, sometimes a single piece truly strikes a chord with the judges.”

Levy’s passion lies in transforming ordinary threads into captivating works of art. “While I do sew, that’s not necessarily my forte,” she admitted. “What truly excites me is envisioning the potential within a simple spool of thread. I love the mystery of not knowing exactly what will emerge in a week or two. That’s what fuels my creativity – the anticipation of what magic I can weave from those threads.”

Levy remains tight-lipped about how she’ll spend the $124,000 prize money, but one thing is certain: she’ll be back next year, ready to defend her Avant Garde Designer title at Saint International’s annual extravaganza.

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