4 Outfit Ideas for Your Creative Job

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Congrats! We are pleased to offer you a job at our company!

You’ve landed your first creative job after applying to a few Creative Agencies but you have no idea what to wear! Believe it or not, I’ve been there, and finding the right outfit for your Creative Job is easier than you think. There is no need to opt for all Designer pieces just yet and you can simply build on what you already have and adding a few key pieces.

The first thing I always recommend is to learn the “Office Culture”, check out the pages on Social Media and see how people are dressed in photos and if all else fails, just ask! From there you will have an idea so you don’t end up being overdressed or underdressed.

At the office where I work, things are pretty laid-back and there is not much of a dress code but we are still expected to make an effort. My outfit of choice is a nice top, accessories, and a nice dress pants or my all-time favorite … dark washed denim! For shoes, I mix things up with heels, flats or a nice dressy sandal.  

Below are a few looks that you can consider for your Creative Job

 The Lifestyle Editor

Lifestye Editor

Lifestyle Editor

Here, I opted for more structured pieces by pairing a black Peplum top with a pair of yellow striped pants. I kept things business-like with the Black Top but it also said “hey this lady works in Fashion but she’s also fun” I added an edge to the outfit with the Black and White Fringe Earrings! Some outfits while the need to feature more structured pieces if you are in a leadership role and want people to really see you as just that. Most people in these roles will opt for all-black, but you can pick pieces that are edgy and fun … though structured.


The Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Gone are the days when the Graphic Designer would sit in a dark room editing away for hours in Crocs! This is the 2020 Graphic Designer daahling and I gave the look some vibes! This look came to life and I added some personality by pairing a leopard top with a pair of faux leather pants and matching leather shoes! The stand out piece here were the gold and clear earrings. Think of a Graphic Designer as an Architect of your brand! They should look like they know what they are doing!


The Account Manager

Account Manager

Account Manager

Account Managers take on a lot on a daily basis and the outfit for this position must be dynamic and stand-out! Black and white is my all-time favorite color combo and I mixed prints! The key to mixing prints is to keep it in the same color family and ensure they flatter your shape.  I added a pop of color with orange earrings to break up the B/W and also with the sliver heeled strappy heels! This look can easily be transitioned to a meeting by adding a light blazer (if you wish) or on the set of a photo-shoot by replacing the heels with a pair of white sneakers. You are a Manager dang it and you should look important.

The Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

This is definitely one of the coolest jobs (if you know the ins and outs of Social Media) and you can have as much fun with it as possible. Here, I’m wearing an all-white outfit with a bold color twist where I added Pink Earrings and yellow Sophia Webster Heels! The colors might sound scary together but they worked! The top features black fringes and pops of pink and if you look closely, there was a hint of yellow! This whisper of yellow was pulled out by adding the heels. This outfit though simple is a great conversation starter and you want people talking to you when you cover events!


When It comes to choosing outfits for a Creative Job, remember to add some personality to your outfits! Let your outfits give an idea of what you do without actually saying it.

What was your favorite look? What Creative Job do you do? Comment below

#4 Outfit Ideas for Your Creative Job

#4 Outfit Ideas for Your Creative Job

#4 Outfit Ideas for Your Creative Job

#4 Outfit Ideas for Your Creative Job


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