Getting My ISH Together: Setting Up Shop

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The only person stopping you is YOU!

It has often been said that we are our worst enemy and critic! There comes a time in one’s life where we need to stop, reflect and take a deep look at where we are and be completely honest if this is where we want to be or who we want to be. I made this decision last year when I decided to capitalize on my skills and traded time for money at an Advertising Agency. I learned a lot and was so invested in that new job that I invested in myself by myself and went back to school with the hopes of becoming a certified Digital Marketer.


Getting My Life Together at 30

This was an interesting journey as I was now in my 30’s and had to not only pay for this all by myself (unlike University) but I now had to juggle going to school, working, a blog, freelancing, and still maintain a social life and some normalcy. To say the least, it was rough and sis was looking tired and rough as the comment I would get at Social Events was ” you look tired” even my Doctor noticed! The truth is, I was in fact tired as I was juggling too much and time caught up with me and it showed on my face.

A New Normal

Covid-19 for me meant many things — It was an eye-opener, a mini-vacation and a time for me to really, and finally rest! This also meant my exam and studies were to be put on hold as there were not enough funds coming in to sit an exam in May and I was not prepared! The best thing about this situation is that it allowed me to “Set up Shop” by focusing on the areas that I needed to work on and how I can truly grow and improve as a person.

How I set Up Shop

Graphic Designer


I went back to my schedule of getting up on time so I could get work done on my designated workdays Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I had the time to really focus on this new Blog. I don’t know if you realize, but it takes a lot to run a successful blog that you are looking to scale. I’ve so far invested USD$300 from Migration, template, setup, and to fix other errors that seem to always pop-up on occasion. I was able to really zero in on the areas I want to grow like Content, Social Media, and Digital Products!


Black Girl Working Out
Shot of a young woman listening to music while doing yoga

Another important area of my life I’ve been focusing on is Health — I am a very picky yet healthy eater so this area was under control. I, however, struggle with exercise, I honestly don’t see the point being so petite at 123 pounds but I would like to have a toner body as I’ve been taking more photos for Social Media. I have been working out for 2 weeks consistently at home by doing workouts on YouTube and I must say I feel great! There is something amazing that happens when your mind, body, and muscles connect. This coupled with vitamins and regular water and I am on my way to creating the body I want and to be fit and healthy!


As for exams, I have been reading over my notes and participating in whatever FREE online opportunities I can to help with this. It has been hard but I am hopeful If I dedicate at least 1 hour per day + study techniques I will come out really learning this material and passing with 80% (this is my goal).

I shared all this to let you know It’s ok to “not be ok” and there is still hope once you believe in yourself and make the decision to change your situation. Live your life proactively instead of reactively!

Let me know in the comments how you are “Setting up Shop”

#Getting My Life Together at 30

#Getting My Life Together at 30

#Getting My Life Together at 30

#Getting My Life Together at 30

#Getting My Life Together at 30

#Getting My Life Together at 30

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