I tried Becoming An Instagram Influencer for a Week and this is What Happened

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One good thing about this quarantine is that it gives us time to try new things and to experiment with things we’ve always wanted to do. I must let you know before we jump into the heart of this article; I write copy for Social Media at my “Day Job” but I’m terrible at managing my own accounts. My biggest excuse is “TIME”. Last week, however, I embarked on a new journey of a series of Social Media Experiments! 

The first experiment was where I  tried becoming an Instagram Influencer for a Week. I began posting consistently for which I learned many things.  My engagement was low and so were my impressions. Below, you can see my Insights on the first day (Monday) to Friday of that same week.

The Insights

I quickly discovered that my account was shadowbanned due to unfollowing too many accounts and liking too many photos! What’s a girl to do– Instagram makes that so easy and people have such amazing content.  Instagram shows the least interactive followers and you are then prompted to unfollow them. As an overachiever, I unfollowed all these people, over 1,000 in one day when according to Buffer, the number of people recommended unfollowing in a day is 60. You can see my dilemma right? Another thing I discovered is that I have more male followers than female followers; I’m guessing this is because I’m a female and I naturally attract males. Whatever the reason,  this was quite shocking and interesting. 


The Results

I was also able to learn my most active hours and day which was a Wednesday at 3 pm and also Thursdays. This helps me to know when to post to get the most interaction. I had an idea of my demographic which is the 25-34 age group which are more mature people who are professionals interested in Online Shopping. This is not surprising as this is the same as my Blog as these people are not into fleeting trends and meaningless content so that allows me to create content with value as I know this will be well received. The final shocking revelation is that I lost more followers than I gained; I suspect these were the bots as when I went through my account I saw many strange names that had no photos.

What Did I Really Learn?

The most important lesson I learned: Being an Instagram Influencer takes time! It involves a lot of planning, hard work, and dedication. It will take a lot of time to see results and what you put in is what you’ll get out. If you know a professional Instagram Influencer, ensure you support them 100% by liking, sharing, and commenting on their content. 

This will be a new weekly series that I hope to do for the next 3-6 months. 

#I tried Becoming An Instagram Influencer for a Week 

#I tried Becoming An Instagram Influencer for a Week 


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