Getting My ISH Together: Holding Myself Accountable

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Have you ever really wanted something so badly that you’ll do anything to get it?

I’m a person who believes in Prayer WITH WORKS so I’ll pray for something and work hard to ensure I’m on the right path to achieve it. I suddenly receive this thing I know I’ve always wanted, then I freak out and do nothing!

During the Quarantine, I prayed that I would get an additional income source, and when I finally got it. I did the bare minimum. Out of the blue other opportunities came, and it’s like I had no idea how to manage it all! My biggest issue in business is that I’ve always waited too long to scale! I wait until I’m swamped to look into assistance then end up losing opportunities. This quarantine opportunity would see me managing an account remotely where tasks were stipulated on a weekly and hourly basis and though the systems were new and there is a learning curve, I feel there is so much more that I can do than the bare minimum. In an attempt to resolve this issue, I’ve gone back to my daily planner and let people know from the onset that I cannot take on a project without any real guidelines or timelines.


holding yourself accountable in life

Holding yourself accountable in life

As a Blogger for almost 8 years, I’ve maintained different clients over the year who show up on a consistent basis or sporadically. There are a  few clients who would message me at 12 am wanting completion of a project by 6 am of the same day without calling in advance or giving a context on what exactly they want.  I’ve seen it all from the “just do what you think is right” to the ” I don’t know what the client wants but I know you do which is why I’ve reached out to you”– sigh, these are the projects that suck your creativity dry and take a significant amount of time and energy.

From here on, I will hold myself accountable to say no to projects that are rushed and I will also create guidelines and set a realistic timeline on when I can get things done.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? How do you hold yourself accountable? Comment below

#holding yourself accountable in life

#holding yourself accountable in life

#holding yourself accountable in life

#holding yourself accountable in life

#holding yourself accountable in life


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