Le Champ Cosmetics Vegan Organic Makeup is Made Naturally for Us

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

The Beauty Industry in Jamaica has taken a major turn in a positive direction that one can easily describe as revolutionary. More brands are being spearheaded by Jamaicans who have put in the work by dedicating the time to research products that contain ingredients that are less harmful to the skin and are eco-friendly. 

One Jamaican leading this charge is Shanique Ellington who recently launched her Vegan, Organic Makeup brand  LeChamp Cosmetics that features a wide range of products catering to women of color in Jamaica and several other countries worldwide. It was during one of our Insta-Scrolls for all things “fresh and new” that we stumbled on the brand and knew we had to learn more.

Without hesitation, we reached out to the CEO where she told us all about her new brand and all the exciting things she has planned. If you are interested in learning all about this new Vegan + Organic Make-up Brand, keep reading as we share all the deets in this interview below.

Le Champ Cosmetics Vegan Makeup
CEO of Le Champ Cosmetics, Shanique Ellington shows off two of her makeup foundations

Le Champ Cosmetics Vegan Organic Makeup

HP: Tell us about Le Champ Cosmetics? 

LCC: Le Champ Cosmetics is the newest Vegan, Organic Makeup Brand catering to women of color in Jamaica, USA, Europe, and other extending markets. Our catch slogan is a literal indication of the mission for the Le Champ Cosmetics makeup brand; it was made “Naturally For Us”.


H.P:  How did the idea come about to start the brand?

LCC: We are a black-owned makeup brand inspired by the owner Shanique “Le Champ” Ellington,  a young Jamaican entrepreneur who has a passion for business management and an unmatched love for catering to, and meeting the needs of people around her. 

She got the alias “Le Champ“, which is of French origin, and pronounced “Le’Shomp” while studying at UWI Mona in 2009. The name has been with her ever since. During the onset of the 2020 global pandemic COVID-19 she, like millions of others worldwide, faced the financial dilemma of a stagnant economy. The global shut down caused her to put focus on being resilient and making up for lost income. After doing market research on the local and regional beauty industry, it became quite clear that a magnificent low hanging fruit was there for the taking and so the makeup and cosmetics line was born.

The choice of name for the brand came naturally thereafter! 

Entering the beauty and cosmetics industry in a big way however required a sizable initial investment to startup. In order to overcome this challenge, Shanique made lemonade out of the COVID-19 lemon.

“We had no use for vehicles with the Islandwide Stay-At-Home order, so selling my car (at a loss) and investing the funds into Le Champ Cosmetics during the COVID downtime was a calculated risk I was willing to take to capitalize on the unique opportunity presenting itself, and also to commit to the goal of providing a wider range of makeup shades for women of color!”

HP: Who would you say is the “Ideal Customer?”

LCC: Women of Colour. It’s quite clear the intent of this brand and that is to provide more options for diverse shades and skin tones which are where the beauty universe currently falls short. We also appeal to those customers who crave e-commerce engagement and persistent innovation. The company aims to be continually evolving to appeal to the everyday online shopper’s needs.

LeChamp Cosmetics Vegan Makeup
CEO of Le Champ Cosmetics, Shanique is all smiles as she shows off the range of products

H.P:  What products are currently available?

LCC: Le Champ Cosmetics launched 7 product ranges, but due to the huge demand within 3 days all lipsticks and three foundation shades were completely SOLD OUT!! Very great launch week indeed. There are 4 new products in the pipeline to be released which will be exclusively shared on Haute People | thehautepeople.com. 

Le Champ Cosmetics Product Range Includes

– 10 Shades LCC Vegan Soft Matte Liquid Foundations

– 8 Shades LCC Vegan Concealers

– 5 Shades LCC Vegan Loose/ Setting Powders

– LCC Vegan Lipsticks

– LCC Vegan Mullet Mascara

– LCC Vegan Makeup Brushes

– LCC 24k Gold Anti-Ageing Vegan Hydrating Serum




H.P:  Explain to our readers what a “Vegan, Organic, Cruelty-Free Makeup”

LCC: All Le Champ Cosmetics Products have been carefully sourced and formulated to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free, meaning there are absolutely no animal by-products used in the formulation, and no animals were harmed during testing for safety and quality.

This makes Le Champ Cosmetics an environmentally responsible and eco-friendly choice for those persons who care deeply about the health of the planet. The facilities that manufacture Le Champ Cosmetics products are also FDA certified for user safety as well as Organic and SGS (world’s leading quality inspection) certified for the quality of each product. 


H.P: How important was it to create a brand that is socially responsible?

LCC: It is extremely important to us and remains a core part of our business operations. We partner with local entrepreneurs to help empower young women in learning skills towards their own career development within the beauty industry. We also have embarked on providing employment for youth in the form of ambassadorship so those interested can earn while they learn. Le Champ Cosmetics and its owner Shanique Ellington is a strong believer in “passing it forward” so the younger generation has a stepping stone towards becoming great citizens of future Jamaica. 


H.P:  Where can purchases be made?

LCC: We are physically based in Kingston, Jamaica however; Le Champ Cosmetics is an online store. Purchases can be made on our website 


Subscribers to our email mailing list will also be able to unlock exclusive discount coupons and free gifts as well as be the first to know what’s next in store for the brand!

H.P: What can we expect from the brand in the coming month?

LCC: Over the course of the next few weeks customers can expect to see new products like the Le Champ Cosmetics Electric Gold Highlighter, the Le Champ Cosmetics Vegan Pressed Powder, more lipsticks, and glosses as well as a Vegan Olive Oil Makeup Removing Wipes. 

Be sure to visit our website by clicking the link below


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#Le Champ Cosmetics Vegan Organic Makeup

#Le Champ Cosmetics Vegan Organic Makeup

#Le Champ Cosmetics Vegan Organic Makeup

#Le Champ Cosmetics Vegan Organic Makeup



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