Behind Her Eyes is a Must Watch

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Is it just me, or is Netflix is having a glow-up? The latest psychological thriller “Behind her Eyes” is a definite must-watch and we guarantee you will watch the entire series in one day!

Behind Her Eyes follows the story of a single mother, whose world is thrown off-kilter when she begins an affair with her new boss David and matters take an even stranger turn when she’s drawn into an unlikely friendship with his wife Adele. What starts as an unconventional love triangle soon becomes a dark, psychological tale of suspense and twisted revelations, as Louise finds herself caught in a dangerous web of secrets where nothing and no-one is what they seem.

Before I get into this, I must let you know, there will be a few spoilers, If you are not into spoilers please do not read beyond this point. Louise a divorced single mom, decides to take a chance and goes on a girl’s night out with a friend. As luck would have it, her friend does not show up and upon leaving, she stumbles into David (literally) and then offers to buy him a drink where before the night ends they end up kissing only to find out the next day, he is her new boss. She of course hides in the bathroom then they do the awkward “meet- cute” where they pretend to put it all behind them, but the series progresses.

Behind Her Eyes is a Must Watch

We are introduced to Adele, his perfect Stepford-rich psycho wife where things are not good at home. She is impulsive and just a whole mess where she too bumps in Louise on the road which was so weird as they live on opposite ends of the City.  We soon learn Adele was committed to an Asylum when she was younger as she was the only one who made it out of a house fire where her parents were burned to death. This was low-key suspicious as she was there for a while and had to be monitored. Did she do it or nah?

Adele is rich and we mean super-rich as the house she lived in was a castle that was passed down for generations and it was now hers + a ton of money that would last her throughout her life.

Behind her Eyes

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

If you are looking for a series with a lot of turns, bumps, and surprises, this one is perfect for you. I like to think of this as the modern-day “British” version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers! They experiment with Astral projection, where they are able to have out-of-body experiences and control their own dreams, go into other people’s dreams, and even exchange bodies. Think Freaky Friday where the mom and daughter exchanged bodies. This is not that and is absolutely dark! I did say I would give spoilers so this is it. 

Adele had a friend in the Asylum named Rob who was addicted to drugs (and apparently men) and she introduced him to Astral Projections as a way to escape from reality! Time goes by and Adele is out of the Asylum and is now living with David who is years older and Rob comes to visit her. We get this really creepy vibe from Rob who no surprise is still hooked on drugs and is always commenting how good it must feel for Adele to be that rich and beautiful and he wished he could be where she lives forever. They are able to Astra Project but Adele hates it and they end up switching bodies and he keeps her body, kills her, and throws his former body down a well. This means throughout the series, all this time, Adele is actually Rob who marries David and has all her money and life.

Remember Louise? She and David end up having an affair that was intentionally set up by Adele (Rob) because he wanted to steal Louise’s body so he will forever be with David! If that is not creepy, we don’t know what is. There were parts that were left out to not give everything away, but once you start watching and putting the pieces together, you will understand!

This is a must-watch if you love psychological thrillers!

#Behind Her Eyes is a Must Watch

#Behind Her Eyes is a Must Watch

#Behind Her Eyes is a Must Watch

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