Everything Well “Currie” New Accompong Maroon Chief Elected

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Richard Currie was elected as the new Accompong Colonel just weeks ago in St. Elizabeth Jamaica.

Currie is said to be the youngest colonel at just 43 years old with a landslide victory of a voter count of 681 to 400 votes to his opponent Ferron Williams. Williams was elected in 2009 and has been serving in this capacity since then. 

A few of the things that made him stood out as the favorite were the initiatives he hoped to bring to fruition which include:  Infrastructure development and economic independence.  In his winning speech he had this to say :

Richard Currie Accompong

Everything Well “Currie” New Accompong Maroon Chief Elected

“I affirm I will represent Maroons with honor who are both home and abroad on the international stage amongst the family of nations. Again, thank you for supporting the vision,” he stated. 

Though he was the chosen leader based on his intellect and initiatives, the women of Jamaica took to Social Media to acknowledge his other “accomplishments”.  They commented on his physique and one even alluded to him as the real “Black Panther”.

la lewis

L. A Lewis salty about Currie Win

If you are Jamaican, you know L.A Lewis is a Public Figure who likes to insert himself into places and situations and ascribe titles to himself and offers himself as the best solution to everything. Let us not forget the time he claimed to be related to the Royal Family and how he will not be able to attend the Royal Wedding because of other obligations. Yes! he’s that guy.  His latest venture was to ascribe Maroon heritage to himself and has even shown up on Maroon enclaves of Accompong Town, Moore Town, and Charles Town, in an attempt to enlist support among the local populations.

This was of course rejected where L.A threatened to file an over $35 million dollar lawsuit against the former colonel for allegedly tarnishing his character.  Verbal spat between Currie and Lewis started when L.A said the new chief’s status was illegitimate.

Lewis said there is no maroon flag, no identification card, no currency, no birth certificates, this while he and his team work to formulate a drive that recognizes over “one million maroons worldwide” to reactivate the maroon heritage and identity locally.

“Currie is a hypocrite. He doesn’t know the history of maroons, else he wouldn’t say what he said. He is just there for the money,” claim Lewis.

Currie of course responded via Instagram to say:

“Caveat Emptor: Horace Lewis, aka LA Lewis, is NOT a government official of #Accompong, nor is he recognised via our records as a citizen of Accompong. This individual has no delegation of authority to transact business for the state, nor bestow titles of nobility #sounddiabeng.”

Do you think L.A Lewis has a point this time or should he take several seats?

Comment below!

#Everything Well “Currie” New Accompong Maroon Chief Elected

#Everything Well “Currie” New Accompong Maroon Chief Elected

#Everything Well “Currie” New Accompong Maroon Chief Elected

#Everything Well “Currie” New Accompong Maroon Chief Elected


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