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Frontline workers, teachers, protestors, activists, parents, and children have risen as unsuspecting heroes amidst the hurdles of this past year. Designer Edvin Thompson used this quarantined time to develop a collection focused on how heroism looks quite different now than what we as a society used to define it as.


FALL 2021


Titled “Solace,” Thompson offered comfort and consolation in times of distress and sadness through his preferred medium – clothes. Never shy of color, this season brought back familiar Theophilio silhouettes, but with different takes on his asymmetrical dresses and mesh tank tops— and an exciting introduction of knitwear, including two-piece combos with extra length in the neck for dramatic proportion.


After enduring a challenging year, the world has taken notice of unsuspecting heroes, those that rose above and beyond the hurdles of 2020. From front-line workers to teachers, protestors, and activists, parents to children, it is apparent, heroes are right in front of us and more so, within each of us. Edvin Thompson, the designer for Theophilio, used this time quarantined to develop a collection focusing on how heroism looks quite different than what we as a society have used to define it to be for so long.

Inspired by ‘The Matrix,” it incited an introspective thought of finding the superhero in all of us. The possible thoughts of having chosen between the red pill and blue pill were paramount. A choice between revealing an unpleasant or otherwise life-changing truth, represented by the red pill, and remaining in blissful ignorance, represented by the blue pill. In a way society’s format just as “The Matrix” presented it to be a ‘simulation’. Understanding that passages in life are a choice has incited intent to hold on to integrity within new spaces. Giving comfort and consolation in a time of distress and sadness with my debut autumn/winter 2020/2021 collection “Solace”. You should look and feel good affirming the person you would like to become.

In his own words, “you should look and feel good affirming the person you would like to become.”

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