Haute People Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this year we are making up for last year! 

We know it can be quite daunting to find gifts for the woman who gave you life, especially for those Moms who already have everything or the Mom who is not fussy! This year, we have broken down our gift guide into categories that will cater to a variety of Moms and of course budgets. Our Guide features a few items from Jamaican Artisans, Amazon, and other Online stores. 

Haute People Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Tech Mom

Echo Dot

This is not your regular mom, this is a “Tech Mom”. Think of the latest gadgets that she can use to make life easier at work or home that she can use to be more productive.  One of the most highly requested and suggested items for a Mom in this category is the Fire Stick 4k Streaming Device. Forget about the high cable bill, this device allows mom to choose from over 500,000 movies and TV shows. 


The Fit Mom

Amazon Halo

This Mom enjoys working out and going to the gym or going for a morning or afternoon stroll. She loves anything that allows her to move. In this category, steps and heartbeats are important so you can get her an Apple Series 6 Watch. Yes, this watch tells time and it also monitors your heart rate and tells you how many steps you’ve taken. Another alternative to this gift is the . This is the type of Mom that goes to the Gym, so you can treat her to a nice fit from Fabletics. If you are on the Rock, (Jamaica), how about getting her a JYM membership?


The Mom Who Loves to Cook

Air Fryer

The Mom with the Golden Spoon is what we like to call this Mom! She makes the best home-cooked meals that have you licking your fingers and without a doubt, your house is the go-to for any Food related event. It is all about upgrading frequently used appliances for this Mom and adding new cool devices to make cooking easier.  You cannot go wrong with an Air Fryer, I know everyone and their Grandmas have one, so now it’s time to get one for Mom. Shakes and natural-made juices are all the rage so she will need a blender.  The Ninja Professional Blender is a great choice as it blends ice and features 2 cups that are great for making the perfect size smoothies. A new set of utensils, drinkware, and plates are always a great idea. For my Jamaicans, you can try Azans.


The Green Thumb Mom

Planter Box Amazon

This Mom does not mind getting her hands dirty (literally) and she has an affinity for growing her own food or flowers and is great at keeping them alive.  Plants are a great way to brighten up your space and add a pop of color to any living space and are great for encouraging positive moods. There are two options here, go to a Florist and get a nice arrangement or visit a Plant Shop. Here in Jamaica, these places have been popping up and you can make things special by getting her something custom. If Mom loves the outdoors and is looking to start a small garden, you can get her a Garden Bed from Amazon so all her plants and crops will have a dedicated place to live and grow. 

The Fashionable Mom

Etal store

The Fashionable Mom can is also, be deemed as “The Hot Mom”.  Though she has kids, she has kept up with her image throughout the years and is well versed on the latest fashion trends and how to style “lewks”. Let’s have some fun dressing up Mom. This is all about locally made, one-of-a-kind items that you can find from stores like Etalstore in Kingston.  If Mom is into trends and loves shopping retail, you can give her a gift card so she can stop at Lee’s Fifth Avenue. 


The Beauty Product Mom

Fenty Beauty

If your Mom has more than 5 Beauty Products on her Bathroom counter, she is a product junkie! She is always on the hunt for the best products for her skin and doesn’t mind trying a few beauty routines until one stick. Make-up can make all the difference to enhance Mom’s natural beauty. The trending item for this season is of course Fenty Beauty – Rihanna offers both Skincare and Makeup products to choose from so it’s based on her preference. You can also get these same products here in Jamaica from EC Makeup Bar. Make things interesting and book a session with Beautiful Beginnings and give her a full face-beat ( professional make-up application).

The Mom Who Already Has Everything


This Mom has it all! She has the Macaroni Crafts, Hand-made Cards, Jewellery, Perfumes; You name it, she has it. This is one of the hardest Moms to purchase a gift for so you want to go the sentimental route. This is one of the hardest Moms to shop for but with our guidance, it’s not as daunting as it seems. In this regard, think about gifts that are sentimental and are meaningful. Think of getting Canvas Prints of her favorite photo or frame an Artwork she loves.  You can also gift her items she uses daily like travel mugs and have her name and a message engraved. 

The Vegetarian Mom

This mom has been off meat for years and is reaping all the benefits on her body and mind! She loves fresh fruits and vegetables and does not mind going to the market weekly to get the freshest picks. Meal Prepping is big for most Vegetarians so a set of glass storage containers is just what the Doctor ordered.  In this same category, you can gift her a Vegetable Spiralizer to evenly and easily cut her vegetables.

Vegetable Spiralizer

For the Mom who Loves Books

Michelle Obama Becoming

If your Mom purchases the latest books on Amazon from New York Best Selling Authors, she is definitely the Mom who Loves Books. We are taking things up a notch by going digital with audible.  One book that tops every list for women is Becoming by Michelle Obama. Yes, that’s the Michelle Obama! Another good one is by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The New Mom

Briggs Baby snot remover

This category will be more of friends and family members gifting the Mom as she just had a baby and babies can’t buy gifts! Think of things that she can use to make her new role easier and also things the baby can use. This mom will need a cool device to place the baby in while she does things around the house.  A great gift is the Mamibaby Baby Lounger Baby Nest Co-Sleeper. Another great but simple gift is a Snot Sucker. This relieves the baby’s mucus and allows them to sleep better.

For whatever category your Mom falls into, we hope there were gifts that gave you a few ideas on what to get her this year. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to bookmark it so you can go back to the links and products.

Haute People would like to wish all the Mothers, whether you have biological children or you have raised and grew them as your own, A Happy Mother’s Day when it comes. We hope you found this guide helpful to give you some ideas on the types of gifts to purchase this year. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with a friend and bookmark this page so you can go back to the post and use it as a reference.

#Haute People Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

#Haute People Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

#Haute People Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

#Haute People Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021



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