Building a Lifestyle Brand in Jamaica: How to Choose a Logo

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Welcome to the second article in our “Building a Lifestyle Brand in Jamaica” weekly series.

Each week, we will discuss a new topic that is relevant in Building a Lifestyle Brand in Jamaica, if you are not living in Jamaica, these tips are still applicable and can easily be transferred to your brand. As you can tell by the heading, today we will be discussing How to Choose a Logo which is a very important part of your brand. If this is something you are interested in, keep reading and be sure to bookmark and share with your own network, if you find this content valuable.

What is a Logo?

a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.

Think of the Logo as your brand’s identity! It is the first thing people will see and it is that one thing that can distinguish your brand from others. Choosing a logo should take careful thought and research, as you want to ensure it’s suited to your brand and able to visually communicate your brand identity.  I know for some, choosing a Logo can be overwhelming and even daunting, but bearing in mind, it should be autonomous to your brand and what you are trying to communicate. 

Choosing a Logo

Types Of Logos

Did you know there are different types of Logos? Yup! Think of something as simple as McDonalds and how they are famous for their signature glowing “M”, that you can literally identify from an airplane that is about to land, or something as complicated as  Kelllogs Corn Flakes. Believe it or not, as simple as these might look, they took a lot of research and trial and error and also subtle changes throughout the years. There are seven (7) types of Logos that can be used for a number of brands and businesses which are: 

What Are the 7 Types of Logos?

  • Emblem logos. …
  • Pictorial mark logos. …
  • Logotypes. …
  • Lettermark logos. …
  • Abstract logos. …
  • Mascot logo. …
  • Combination logo marks.


Building a Lifestyle Brand in Jamaica: How to Choose a Logo

Choose a Logo


Main + Complimentary Colours

With all the above being taken into consideration, another important thing to think about is colour! There are some things that literally just “comes to you”, the same way the brand colours came to me for Haute People, which I wanted to be a distinctive Salmon Pink along with Black and White. What are the colours that you immediately “see” or envision the minute you think about your brand? What are other colours that will compliment that colour? Start by choosing one (1) main colour and think of two (2) other colours that will compliment those. 


Finding the right Font was the most exhausting part of choosing the Haute Logo as there are so many to choose from that it took me 9 years to decide! To avoid delaying the process (like I did) look at other brands you like as inspiration. I love Vogue Magazine and how simple yet easily identifiable their logo is, so I used that as the base and sent to the designer to play around with until I decided on the perfect one for the brand.

Choosing the Right Graphics Designer

This is another important factor as Logos are expensive! You want to ensure you choose a Graphic Designer who is skilled, a creative thinker and one who will actually do the job and complete it to your specifications. There are too many stories of Graphic Designers who started Logos, then somehow left in the middle with half of the pay and no logo to show. Start researching Graphics Designers on platforms like Fiverr or you can post on your Social Media Channels that you are looking for a skilled designer.

Get Options

As stated above, get a few options so you can weigh in, sleep on them and even ask your friends, families and followers for their advice on what they think looks best. I had a number of Logos created that were somewhat similar, then I narrowed down the options based on the one I liked the best and the one that others liked the best as well. Logos are expensive and will be the face of the brand and you don’t want to be stuck with something you are not 100 % in love with. Take your time to choose the one you truly love that will be your brand’s identity for years to come.

We hope you are enjoying this series thus far and you are able to find value in this content. If this is your first time landing on this series, we will list the previous week/s below so you can keep up.

Week #1: Building a Lifestyle Brand in Jamaica: The Business Model Canvas


#Building a Lifestyle Brand in Jamaica: How to Choose a Logo

#Building a Lifestyle Brand in Jamaica: How to Choose a Logo

#Building a Lifestyle Brand in Jamaica: How to Choose a Logo

#Building a Lifestyle Brand in Jamaica: How to Choose a Logo

#Building a Lifestyle Brand in Jamaica: How to Choose a Logo

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