Blazing Caribbean Scotchie Curried Chickpeas

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In October 2019, I started my Healthy Lifestyle journey that saw me going to the gym and being more intentional about the food I eat and the ingredient choices I consume on a daily basis. I say “more intentional” because I’m a picky eater and the foods I eat can be considered healthy buy I have a “weakness for sweetness” and cookies and cakes are not considered healthy.

As a person who has never been a fan of meats, I had to find another way to get my protein intake in and was introduced to beans by a co-worker. I discovered ChickPeas or Garbanzo Beans and these have become one of my go-to recipes on a weekly basis.  As a person who loves flavour and is the Queen of elevating everything including food, I came up with the perfect Chick Peas recipe that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare and tastes amazing.


Blazing Caribbean Scotchie Curried Chickpeas

Chick Peas

Before I get into the recipe, I must let you know this Recipe involves “canned” beans as I like to use ingredients that are great for my busy lifestyle where everything moves quicker than a New York Minutes. If you prefer to use the beans in their natural state, it will not alter the taste of the outcome.


1 Can Chick Peas or Garbanzo Peas

1/2 Pack Coconut Powder or Coconut Milk

1/4 Scotch Bonne Pepper (Green for flavour or Yellow for extra spice)

1/2 Teaspoon Curry Powder

1/2 Onion (diced)

1/2 Pack Maggi “All Purpose” Season Up

1/2 Bell Peppers ( diced)

1 Carrot ( diced)

1 Sprig thyme


  1. On medium heat, add curry to pot and “burn”. Burning the curry will allow flavour to be enhanced and it helps to prevent stomach issues. As the name suggests, once the curry is ready, it will have a “burn” smell but ensure you are not burning the pot.
  2. Add coconut powder or coconut milk to pot.
  3. Add diced Carrots to the pot as you want it to be semi-cooked and have a crunch to pair with the beans.
  4. Add Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Onion and Thyme
  5. Add Chickpeas to mixture and cook for 5 minutes. Chick Peas unlike other Beans and Peas is firm in texture and will require some time on the heat, but it’s up to your liking and whether you prefer them to be firm or soft.
  6. Add Maggi to the Pot and season to taste. You can add Salt and Black Pepper as you like to elevate the flavour.

This can be served with Rice, Quinoa, Roti or starches such as Yam, Green Bananas or Irish Potaoes based on what you like.

If prepared correctly, this dish will have you not missing meat. 

Always remember to check with your Healthcare Provider and consult with a Nutritionist before making severe dietary changes.

Comment below to let us know if you will be trying this recipe and how you like to elevate the flavour of your meals.

#Blazing Caribbean Scotchie Curried Chickpeas

#Blazing Caribbean Scotchie Curried Chickpeas

#Blazing Caribbean Scotchie Curried Chickpeas

#Blazing Caribbean Scotchie Curried Chickpeas

#Blazing Caribbean Scotchie Curried Chickpeas



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