Koko Moon Cleansing Oil is taking over the Jamaican Beauty Industry

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For every few years, there comes along that one product that is deemed as the “it” product that everyone has to get their hands on because it’s that good.

The year was 2020, when we learned about KoKo Moon after seeing a nicely packaged product in a clear bottle with it’s signature label bearing the name “KoKo Moon” in black letters making the rounds on Instagram. With our interests + curiosity piqued, we just had to learn more.

The products’ creator Danielle Marie describes herself as 100% Jamaican and created the cleansing oil out of curiosity when her sister wanted an all natural pregnancy including products she used:

“When my sister got pregnant, she wanted to have a natural pregnancy and birth. So, she questioned everything before putting it into her body. That made me question a lot of the products I use on a daily basis including my skin care products. After realizing that many of the products contained ingredients that were controversial to skin care, I decided that I wanted to curate my own cleansing oil” – Danielle Marie, VoyageMIA

Koko Moon Cleansing Oil is taking over the Jamaican Beauty Industry

Koko Moon Jamaica

Koko Moon by Danielle Marie is described as “ an all-natural cleansing oil that is a great makeup remover and double cleanse”.

This simply means the product has dual purposes and can be used to remove stubborn waterproof makeup like mascara and it can also be used as a moisturiser. If you wear makeup and are looking for one product that does all the work for you, you need to meet the Koko Moon Cleansing Oil. Forget the make up wipes, followed by washing the face which leaves the skin dry and step into the 21st century where you only need one product.

If you are still not convinced this is not “Liquid Gold” in a bottle, it is expertly curated with a blend of essential oils including sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin c oil and olive oil which the brand’s creator made sure consumers are not only able to pronounce but all have nutrient rich properties great for moisturising and rejuvenating the skin. 

Koko Moon Jamaica

Another major plus for the brand is that all oils have been ethically sourced and are cruelty free and have not been tested on animals or include any added preservatives.

How do you capture gold in a bottle? That’s easy! Just ask Danielle Marie, creator of Koko Moon Cleansing Oil.

KoKo Moon can be found in Fontana Pharmacies across Jamaica as well as select Retail Outlets. Be sure to pick up your bottle today, but hurry they go fast! 

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#Koko Moon Cleansing Oil is taking over the Jamaican Beauty Industry 

#Koko Moon Cleansing Oil is taking over the Jamaican Beauty Industry




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