Style Symposium By College of Style

I Was A Guest on a Fashion Panel
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LinkedIn has been my most active Social Media Platform where I have been receiving the most opportunities.

These opportunities have been work related, freelance gigs and even being invited to being a guest speaker on a Fashion Panel. The thing about LinkedIn is that it works for you, if you put in the work on your end to position yourself as a Leader and an Expert in your respective field.

2021 goals

Imagine my surprise when Sandra Colton- Medici sent  me a message inviting me to be a part of her Style Symposium for her College of Style Brand. I have been invited to be a part of events before, but it required me to be there in person which was not an option at the time due to the fact that all the travel and accommodation had to come out of pocket and I was not able to commit.  Sandra explained that it was a virtual panel and I would be interviewed on a specific topic that I was passionate about.

Of course the answer was a resounding yes and from there things were off to a great start. The way it worked was that I got to chose a topic that is organic and relatable to me and my topic was  “Building a Lifestyle Brand Internationally” since I have a wealth of information on this area and have been running Haute People for 10 years.

Style Symposium By College of Style

The Style Symposium brings together experts from fashion, beauty, and leadership to discuss the impact all three have on business. The event was held inside of the College of Style Facebook Group, and aims to provide helpful tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs to lead with confidence across all platforms by bringing out your authenticity and confidence

The Style Symposium was a great platform for me to speak passionately about the Haute People brand and it presented me with an opportunity to learn about like-minded individuals in the Fashion Industry.

About Sandra Colton-Medici!

Sandra Colton Medici

After 30 years in the entertainment industry, appearing in TV shows, films, commercials, and on tour, Sandra pivoted and obtained her Doctor of Education from USC. She is a course curriculum design specialist and teaches determined business owners like you how to create and launch your own online courses, workshops, webinars, virtual conferences, and membership sites. Sandra’s community within College of Style is world-class and is built on the foundation of her philosophy on success,

“If you can get in the room, and you know your why, your product, your brand, and your pitch, the closing will feel like the easy part.” 

Sandra is also a Style and Strategy expert and helps individuals just like you to refine your message, define your personal brand, and navigate relationship-building so that getting in the room isn’t so hard. 

Be sure to watch the video above and also on the Haute People Instagram @haute_people

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#Style Symposium By College of Style
#Style Symposium By College of Style
#Style Symposium By College of Style
#Style Symposium By College of Style
#Style Symposium By College of Style

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