MIAMI CARNIVAL IN GLAM | The Glam Hub Takes Miami

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With costumes and feathered backpacks ranging from anywhere between one and two thousand US dollars, all eyes are focused on the women. In Trinidadians, there is a saying that goes “Carnival is Woman”, and it’s easy to understand why. The production that goes into getting ready for Carnival as a woman, is oftentimes on par with, or even more expensive than what a woman spends on herself in preparation for her wedding day. In fact, between ‘chipping down the road’ and walking down the aisle, to some, there is no difference. On Carnival day, and rightfully so, every woman is a princess and that’s why most Carnival costumes come with tiaras. In this business, the rule of thumb suggests that whatever a woman spends on her costume, she will spend the equivalent on herself: hair, makeup, lashes, wax, nails, spray tan, body bronzer, stockings, boots and of course her PCR Covid-19. Because of course, we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

Kaleidoscopic wings, rhinestones, fishnet stockings and the unmistakable sound of Caribbean drums filled the air last weekend in Miami. Miami Carnival was back and will forever be known as the first major Carnival for 2021, since the onset of the Covid- 19 pandemic. It is the largest Caribbean celebration in the US, attracting players from across the world.

MIAMI CARNIVAL IN GLAM | The Glam Hub Takes Miami

Carnival Glam Hub

This is where we introduce Gabrielle Waite, the 5’4″ twenty-five-year-old with green highlights in her hair and all the flair one would expect from a self-titled “Glamtrepreneur”. Gabby Glam, as she is known by in the business, owns a Glam Empire that includes: Gabby Glam Cosmetics, which produces the Gabby Glam makeup collective; [arguably] Jamaica’s largest beauty expo and conference aptly titled GlamCON; and Carnival Glam Hub, the Caribbean’s largest Carnival Glam service. In the beauty business, she is considered the perfect storm as she is a pro- MUA and marketer by degree.

“I wasn’t startled by the turnout and support from our Glam Queens when we announced our 5th staging of Carnival GLAM Hub-Miami. After all, it had been 1 year of no Mas. During our gap year, we never stopped working. We focused on improving our logistics, marketing & overall experience. Miami Carnival would not have been possible without the support from our GenX Family, Bomb Mua’s & hairstylists, photographers, staff members, and other partners. My team and I are so grateful to everyone who participated in Carnival GLAM Hub-Miami. We are also thankful for the amazing GLAM Queens, who trusted us and chose us to be a part of their Carnival experience. We look forward to getting more GLAM Queens GLAMMED, as we take on other Carnival destinations.” – Gabby Glam @_gabbyglam

Miami is Carnival Glam Hub’s fifth staging, having previously done Jamaica (2018 & 2019), Barbados (2019), and Trinidad (2020). It would be the first staging since the cancellations of St. Lucia, Barbados, Jamaica and Miami due to the pandemic.

Gabrielle Waite, CGH Founder applies make up to client

Founded in April 2018, Carnival Glam Hub was founded with a desire to offer all the necessary glam services to masqueraders in a single location. In the past, women start getting ready from as early as midnight on Carnival morning, as getting glammed required visiting several different service providers who were located at several different locations. Without planning and possibly a strong background in aviation [grade] logistics, getting glammed can be a very demanding and stressful process. And, as if trying to be a princess wasn’t enough pressure, the stress factor quadruples if you are caught traversing the narrow streets of a city/town that have been locked down to make allowances for the very thing you are to get glammed for.

Carnival Glam Hub brought a level of spa-like services to the Carnival Space. Not only are all the services located under one roof, but Glam Hub also comes with all the modern-day trappings of an all-inclusive luxury spa, complete with complimentary champagne and mimosas on entry. The detail-oriented ‘Glamtreprenuer’ thought of everything: coffee/tea station, air-conditioned lounges and waiting rooms, wing and bag check, spacious changing rooms with life-size mirrors, an in-house seamstress, dressing assistants, and a shuttle service that transported you to your band. Masqueraders had the opportunity of booking service appointments online months in advance which included: makeup, hair, body bronzing, breakfast, and photoshoot.

Kibwe McGann, CGH Co-Founder with Bonnie Hoe, Influencer and Qimmah Russo, Fitness Influencer

According to co-founder Kibwe McGann [@kibwemcgann], self-proclaimed carnival chaser and businessman:

Carnival Glam Hub will continue chasing carnivals and provide value-added services for masqueraders. On our radar for 2022, we’re looking for the return of Carnival in Jamaica, Trinidad Carnival, St. Lucia and Caribana. “Miami Carnival demonstrated that hosting Carnival events and parties in a pandemic is possible. The protocols established by Broward County, carnival bands like Gen X, and the approach we took with Glam Hub, is testament. Before entering any event, masqueraders and party-goers had to display valid negative PCR results. The Glam Hub Team is certainly looking the return of Carnivals’ across to the region”

The testimonials from Carnival Glam read like a New York Times bestseller:

“It was amazing!! From the minute I walked in right till the end. Love love love my makeup! My hair is super cute and Brian, the photographer took some bomb pics of me page2image6122672 page2image6122880 page2image6123088Oh and shout out to the lady with the curly hair for helping me with my backpack. Y’all are awesome!” – Lisa Shakespeare | Travel Influencer @shakespeareagency

“ My glam hub experience was Amazing, thank you guys so much” – Alicia Gordillo | American actor, model, singer, and a ‘Vine’ artist @official_janina

Phillipa Hogarth

“I really love how I was treated from booking my appointment to walking out ready to enjoy the road. I felt safe as all covid protocols were observed , the makeup artist was lovely! She Made sure I was comfortable as well as ensuring we both were on the same page as to what I wanted. The team was on point with setting me up for my photoshoot! I got my pictures in a timely manner! I will be booking with Carnival Glam Hub again 10/10!” – Phillpa Hogarth @snowwhitehogie

“We can Carnival, safely and in glam” – Carnival Chaser


#MIAMI CARNIVAL IN GLAM | The Glam Hub Takes Miami

#MIAMI CARNIVAL IN GLAM | The Glam Hub Takes Miami

#MIAMI CARNIVAL IN GLAM | The Glam Hub Takes Miami

#MIAMI CARNIVAL IN GLAM | The Glam Hub Takes Miami

#MIAMI CARNIVAL IN GLAM | The Glam Hub Takes Miami 

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