How “Pop-Up Shops” made their way into 2021

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2021 was the year that forced us to take a look at our lives, specifically our careers to access where we are and decide on the way forward. For many entrepreneurs, this meant thinking of creative ways to get their brands top of mind, create awareness and increase sales.  One way brands has been increasing brand awareness and sales is by hosting and participating in Pop-up Shops.

If you are not familiar with this concept:

How “Pop-Up Shops” made their way into 2021

jamaican pop up
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A pop-up shop, also referred to as flash retailing, is a trend where a brand randomly opens up a sales space for a short amount of time before closing it down.

The idea of this tactic is to generate interest, create a sense of urgency, and get people to come pay your business a visit for a fun, limited time event. The pop-ups are usually themed, feature some kind of exclusive giveaway or product, and are entirely unique and memorable.

Due to the increase in the number of Social Media Platforms, brands are now able to increase their online presence and as a result, Pop-Up Shops became a thing of the past. People were now consuming content in a short amount of time and had limited time to focus on forms of advertising that included their personal time as there was were now two options: long-form content and short form content. Of course , people chose the latter and focused less on creating awareness and interest around their brands the traditional way which included cumbersome tactics like Pop-Up shops. 

However, with the world now thrown into a frenzy due to the pandemic, business owners had to find creative ways to bring their products to people in a cost effective way and took things back to basics for Pop-Up Shops.

As a strategy, pop-up shops are tapping into something that’s been missing from marketing for a long time – connection. You’re out there on the frontlines interacting with your target audience, and in a world where our only connection is behind a screen, that can’t be undervalued. The next question here is “Do Pop-Up Shops actually work”? Yes they actually do!

The Benefits of Pop-up Shops

jamaican pop up shop

1. Shared on Facebook & Instagram



Think of pop-up shops like having your cake and eating it, too. Not only are you creating a personalized, interactive experience, but you’re also going to get a ton of social media exposure from the deal, which matters as 33% of customers use these platforms to learn about new brands.  It’s combining the best of offline and online marketing!

2. Provides Instant Gratification



In a world dominated by Netflix and Amazon, it’s no surprise that people want things immediately. According to Jia Wertz, the CEO of a fashion brand and a frequent contributor for Forbes:  

“Instant gratification has become an expectation, and the norm rather than the exception.”

A pop-up shop meets that need and gives visitors the option to try out new products firsthand.

3. Generates Word-of-Mouth Interest



People are inclined to trust the word of their friends and family. In fact, according to Nielsen 92% of consumers believe suggestions from their loved ones more than advertiser. It’s easier to generate that word-of-mouth buzz with a unique pop-up shop that gives people a reason to talk about you.

4. Cost-effective marketing



Replay Lincoln Park may have invested over $25,000 in their pop-up, but your budget is up to you. Ultimately, a pop-up means a lower risk, less square footage, a shorter rental period, and no overhead costs. You can make this strategy work no matter how much you’re willing to spend.

jamaican pop up shop

Pop-ups are very special here at Haute People as this is how we go started. We went to several Pop-up shops to meet local Artisans and Makers and have formed lifelong bonds and friendships. The bulk of our even coverage for this quarter will be Pop-up Shops as Jamaica slowly starts to re-open.

Let us know if you’ve ever been to or hosted a Pop-up Shop and if you think they are here to stay or just a short-lived trend.

#How “Pop-Up Shops” made their way into 2021

#How “Pop-Up Shops” made their way into 2021

#How “Pop-Up Shops” made their way into 2021

#How “Pop-Up Shops” made their way into 2021

#How “Pop-Up Shops” made their way into 2021

#How “Pop-Up Shops” made their way into 2021

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