The First Monday In January 2022

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“New Year, New Me”?!

How many times have we heard that mantra and how many times have you failed to live up to it?   If you’ve answered “yes” and “too many times”,  just know you are not alone. I’ve stopped having resolutions and now have yearly themes instead. These themes as I’ve mentioned in a previous post is based on areas in my life I need to work on or what I’m led to do. 

The First Monday In January 2022

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I was at the gym this morning and heard a popular Radio DJ saying a lot of things about “Fair-weather January People” who start going to the gym for the first 2 weeks, then quit and go back to they regular lives. There is also another set of people who say “2022” or whatever year is “their year”, they set no goals and make no plans then when it gets to that two weeks mark, they feel they missed up and claim the coming year as theirs.

Why do we constantly set these goals whenever a new year approaches knowing we will never take the necessary steps to accomplish them?  I look at it this way, It’s my life, I set the goals, make the rules and hold myself accountable for whatever happens whether it’s good or bad. The way I see it, it’s ok if you don’t have an entire year figured out in just one week. How about giving yourself time, patience and grace to get everything together whether feeling pressured – – would would make a world of a difference to those people who might feel like they don’t have it all together who would like to have it all together.

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On the other side of this is, stop waiting on the ideal time, day or moment to start something you’ve always wanted to do. I mentioned the Gym initially which I started last October on a Wednesday. I could have waited until December or January of that year but I started a random Wednesday in October 2021. I’m glad I did because I feel a lot stronger, I look better and my body has been in the best shape in spite of all the things that have been happening in the world.

So how did I spend my first Monday in January 2022 you ask?

The first Monday in January saw me at the Gym at my usual training from 6am -7am. I then went to work in a crisp pair of white pants ready to take on my day and to learn and grow more in my professional career. I didn’t feel pressured nor did I have F.O.M.O to get it together like all the people seemingly doing so on Social Media.

Where did the first Monday in January find you? Do you have everything figured out? Or all you still trying to figure things out.
Let me know in the comments section.
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#The First Monday In January 2022

#The First Monday In January 2022

#The First Monday In January 2022

#The First Monday In January 2022

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