Tape-Ins are the Hottest Things Since Sew-In

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If you are a true “hot girl” you are one who is abreast with the latest hair trends and how you can wear them.

The latest sensation in the “Hair-Extension” community is Tape-Ins. If you haven’t heard about this, we are here to keep you up to speed and tell you all about this “Haute” new trend.

Tape-Ins are the Hottest Things Since Sew-In

“Tape-Ins” as the name suggests are pre-taped wefts of hair held together by medical-grade adhesive and are usually about an inch wide. If you are familiar with extensions, imagine clip-ins but if they were in strip form and held together with a special type of tape. Tape-Ins are versatile and can be worn in a number of hair types from natural to chemically straightened but it is highly recommended to be applied by a professional that has been skilled in applying this hair. Before I go any further, let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of wearing Tape-Ins as I want to ensure you are fully informed.

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The Pros of Wearing Tape-Ins

Low Maintenance: Tape it and forget it! Is the mantra with this type of hair as once installed you won’t remember they are there. They are lightweight due to their thin construction of 1.5 inches wide. Also, because of how light they are, they last anywhere between 6-10 weeks depending on your hair type and of course how well you maintain them.

Low Cost: Tape-ins are considered semi-permanent and are deemed the “least expensive semi-permanent hair extension method”. Of course, the cost is relative and can be attributed to your lifestyle, budget, and where you live. The process of the application takes about anywhere between one to two hours due to the intricacy of the application. The costs are quite similar to good quality clip-ins and can start at USD$93 upwards if purchased online. If you go to a salon, the cost will of course be more as you will have to pay for the clip-ins and also for the application.

Least Damaging: Because of how light-weight they are, they are the least damaging type of hair extension. They do not pull or drag on hair, they actually grow out with your own hair. Another great perk is that they can be reused! Once they have been removed, they can be cleaned and re-applied and can be used for 3-4 applications.

The Cons of Wearing Tape-ins

No Serums: Oil and adhesives don’t mix! If you decide to try Tape-Ins, you will have to stay away from serums and oils. These will break down the adhesive and cause the tape-ins to slip and get tangled in your own hair and of course if they move they will start to become more detectable.

It’s an Adjustment: Styling and wearing more hair than normal can be uncomfortable at first and it is recommended to style the hair in a loose single braid before bed and wear a headscarf to keep the hair in place.

I’ve heard stories of people who have had a bad haircut and wanted a quick, “natural” solution and Tape-Ins came in first. These are also great as a protective style to an extent if you have a busy lifestyle and prefer a different style that is not damaging to your own hair.

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About Amazing Beauty Tape-Ins

If you are looking for high-quality and cost-effective Tape-ins, I highly recommend visiting Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions Online to shop from their selections. Here you can find Tape-ins in a number of colors and styles.

AmazingBeauty Remy Tape In Hair Extensions are made with 100% pure Remy human hair with a full cuticle. Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because it is hand-picked and aligned so that every single strand runs in the same direction that it grows from the scalp, we never use any harsh chemicals or silicones which leaves the cuticles intact, so the hair is soft, minimum shedding and non-damage. You can cut/wash/style/dye the hair any way just like your own hair. 

Let me know if you’ve heard about Tape-Ins and if you’ve tried them and what your experience has been like.


#Tape-Ins are the Hottest Things Since Sew-In

#Tape-Ins are the Hottest Things Since Sew-In

#Tape-Ins are the Hottest Things Since Sew-In

#Tape-Ins are the Hottest Things Since Sew-In

#Tape-Ins are the Hottest Things Since Sew-In

#Tape-Ins are the Hottest Things Since Sew-In

#Tape-Ins are the Hottest Things Since Sew-In

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