Kingston Kitchen Celebrates 10 Years with Stellar Event

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Jamaica is known as the “Land of Wood and Water” and for its excellent food known worldwide.

With things slowly starting to return to normal, I could not pass up the chance to attend Kingston Kitchen: The Night Market held at Hope Gardens on Saturday last. The event celebrated its 10th year since inception and I was intrigued to see what was planned for this year’s staging.

Kingston Kitchen Celebrates 10 Years with Stellar Event

The instruction on their Social Media Page was to make our way to a designated gate, but we were detoured to an alternative entrance off a beaten path (literally). As I bumped along the dirt road that seemed to lead to nowhere, there was a light at the end that led to a large gate, and just like that, I was in! I parked in the designated area and waited to board the shuttle to take me to the booths inside the event area however none came in time so a few other patrons decided to take the journey by foot! With nothing to lose, I joined the band of walkers until we were finally “inside inside”. Upon arrival, the first thing I saw was the familiar Food Truck, House of Loaves! The sandwiches looked enticing and tasted even better and were a great way to start the day.


I then made my way over to the vivacious team of Jamaica Cold Pressed Juices which featured cold-pressed juice made from local sugarcane and paired with other local fruits and vegetables like mangos, lime, and ginger. I enjoyed the fact that you could see it being made while you waited. I’ve never tasted cold-pressed juice so it was a great experience for me! 

The thing I love about Jamaica is how diverse the culture is which is even shown in the food — I took a quick trip to Trinidad and Tobago without leaving the venue and had doubles from Super Spicy Doubles. It was a delight to see patrons lining up to experience doubles and “bake” for the first time with their filling and sauce of choice.  I snapped a few pictures and it was on to the next one!

There was a vendor I wanted to try which bears the name LadyBee Mixology. I’m guessing others had the same idea in mind as this was the longest line that meandered around the venue. I finally made my way to the top and selected the Paradise Found Margarita which featured Grapefruit, Watermelon, Rosemary, and Tequila. It was definitely worth the wait and offered a hands-free cocktail experience like no other as it was served in a pouch that can be enjoyed with a straw. The Cocktail was frozen and had just the right amount of Tequila to have a nice buzz without getting drunk.  As I ventured to other booths, I saw a few Fashion and Blogging friends and quickly caught up with them since this is my second major outside event, since 2019. I soon made my way to the main stage to take in the most talented saxophonist with the sickest dance moves. I remained there a bit to let things settle as I enjoyed the evening breeze, then I was off again as I planned to wrap the day soon.

The next stop was the CB Booth, a V.I.P area that featured Shrimp Pasta, a Nacho Supreme that had the freshest Guacamole, and Hummus Mix! Without a doubt, this was my favorite meal, as I like the presentation and the way they were served.  I snapped a few pictures in this area and spotted “The Budget Auntie”, Patricia Henry before I exited.

Kingston Kitchen

I made 3 stops the first of which was Soup King as I wanted something warm to “catch up my stomach” from all the delights of the evening. They did not disappoint with their signature Cray Fish Soup that had ample serving of Crayfish.  The next Stop was Lucky Crab Seafood where I opted for their Fish and Chips. I found it was ok as I wasn’t fond of the fish having bones as It’s night even and boneless would have been better. 

The final stop was the dessert stop as I was craving something sweet and decided to try Sweet Treatz By Dee. I have the Rum and Raison Crumble which was delightful and had all the flavours in one bite and was a great way to end the night.

Overall Event Rating


I did not like that no announcement was made about getting inside the venue. On Social Media, we were directed to one entrance but upon arrival, we were told of another one. There was also a lack of signage. Since getting in was an issue, there should have been signs or people on the outside from the team directing patrons where to park. I also felt there could have been more security as events like these attract unscrupulous people. There could have been more shuttles as most people walked to and from the actual venue and we waited for a while until we all decided to walk. I also feel there could have been more non-meat options as most meals were Chicken or Pork. I was a great event but once these things are worked on, the next staging will be a 10/10.

Let me know if you are at the event and what you thought about it.

#Kingston Kitchen Celebrates 10 Years with Stellar Event

#Kingston Kitchen Celebrates 10 Years with Stellar Event

#Kingston Kitchen Celebrates 10 Years with Stellar Event

#Kingston Kitchen Celebrates 10 Years with Stellar Event

#Kingston Kitchen Celebrates 10 Years with Stellar Event

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