5 Fashion 90s Trends Coming Back in 2022

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Fashion is one of those things that repeats itself, so I always say, to keep at least one key piece from each era so when it comes back in style you would have had the original.

5 Fashion 90s Trends Coming Back in 2022

The 90s was a decade that ushered in a sleigh of trends and had many moments that inspired some of the looks we see on top runways today. If you are looking for ways to re-wear some of your 90s digs, keep reading for much-needed inspiration.

Denim on Denim

5 Fashion 90s Trends Coming Back in 2022

Let’s face it, regardless of the era, denim is a mainstay and just like Chucky, they always come back! The denim of this era provides more stretch and variety of wash when compared to the styles of yesteryear.  We first saw this look on celebs like Madonna during her self titled-album era and of course during the Hip Hop-style era. 

Body Chains

5 Fashion 90s Trends Coming Back in 2022

This trend was popular for Pop Singers like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and has made its way back to 2022. We see body chains in the fitness and wellness space as a measuring stick for how much weight you’ve lost since you started working out and also a remixed version in brands like Chanel. This trend allows fashionistas to wear the belt in whatever way they choose because of the versatility of the design. 

The Bucket Hat

5 Fashion 90s Trends Coming Back in 2022

In Jamaica, we call this the Fisherman’s hat, and back in those days, you were styling if you had one of these.

We saw this on mainly male celebs like Usher you made it look cool. In 2022, we’ve seen brands Gucci and Balenciaga added their own spin to this by adding interesting designs that have been duplicated by so many other brands.

The Mini Skirt

5 Fashion 90s Trends Coming Back in 2022

If there is one trend that made a seamless comeback, it was the mini skirt. These were a dime a dozen in the 90s and even 2000s but somehow disappeared soon after.

This trend made an interesting comeback where a few inches were removed and the new name is “micro mini”, it’s so short that you need a microscope to see it and was quite popular on the runways of Miu Miu.

The Tennis Skirt

5 Fashion 90s Trends Coming Back in 2022

I usually like to shake things up as it relates to trends, but I thought why not add two (2) skirts to the list especially if they are both being worn by a large number of people?

Think of fictional characters like Cher and Dione from “Clueless” and you immediately get why this trend is back. It’s quite versatile and can be dressed up to look like one of those chic country club wives who have mimosa for breakfast. It can also be dressed down and paired with a simple Polo and sneakers to run errands around town and look cool.


Fashion is cyclical which means that as much as trends go out of style, they also come back in style. The 2022 versions of a lot of popular styles we wore as just regular “clothes” have made their comeback as popular trends inspired by the 90s.

Let us know in the comments below if you wore any of these trends and which is your favourite.

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90s Trends in 2022
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