5 Tips For Attending NYFW Without Network Connections

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Fashion’s Biggest week-long event, New York Fashion Week is just a few short weeks away. All over the world Industry Professionals and Fashion Enthusiasts are putting together outfits, sorting out their hair, and ensuring that all is well for the events.

There are however a few Fashionistas who are depending on hope and a prayer that they will be able to attend even one event. Rewind to a few years ago and I was a part of this group. 

Today, I will be sharing 5 Tips For Attending NYFW Without Network Connections.

5 Tips For Attending NYFW Without Network Connections

  1. Start Doing Research Months Before

5 Tips For Attending NYFW Without Network Connections

I know the first question you might ask is “Where Do I Start”? The answer is the Internet. 

My story is a little different which I have linked HERE, but you can start by doing a keyword search with relevant terms like “How to Attend New York Fashion” or “ How to Go to New York Fashion Week” and a number of articles and other resources will appear. Be sure to select the ones that are relevant to you and do extensive research on that source to ensure it’s credible.

  1. Attend as an Industry Professional

If you fall into the Creative Industry and are a Photographer, Make-up Artist, Stylist, Editor, Blogger, and the list goes on, you can attend as that. Once you’ve done the research as shown in tip #1, you will see a button or form for you to “apply”. 

Be sure to send in the application early as there will be thousands, if not millions of people like you who are hoping to get in.

  1. Sign up with NYFW and Fashion Week Online

Let me tell you … these are amazing platforms for all things Fashion Week. There is of course a free version where you are aware of the events and their locations, but there is also a paid version where you are a member that will give access to exclusive events for a discounted cost and is just a great way to stay connected to the fashion industry. 

I am a part of both and they have been amazing. Another great resource is Vogue membership which grants you access to so many amazing events that you would never have known about (for a cost of course).

5 Tips For Attending NYFW Without Network Connections

  1. Join a dedicated Fashion Committee or Technology

I know that was probably a mouthful, but hear me out! I am a part of an amazing Fashion Technology company known as Fashion Mingle that connects industry professionals to amazing opportunities. If you are a Fashion Designer for example and you need Models, Make-up Artists, and a P.R company to work with, all these individuals can be found on the platform so you are able to work with them. This is one of the ways I was able to attend NYFW the times I went. I went with Fashion Mingle as a Blogger and got to cover a few shows and I was also paired with a Photographer who took amazing shots so the article was complimented by professional photos.

  1. Reach out to Designers

Believe it or not, thanks to the Internet, it is so much easier to connect with designers! If you visit your favourite designer sites, you will see a variety of contact information and I am recommending choosing the one that has to do with Press or PR versus the general contact info or even sales or it will never be seen. TIP: Reach out to independent designers rather than traditional well-known designers like Dior or Louis Vuitton as these are often not managed in-house but by an agency. These brands would already have their list of guests who are based on popularity.


5 Tips For Attending NYFW Without Network Connections

I have said this before in previous articles, stop sleeping on Eventbrite. This is a known website for events happening worldwide and all you have to do is put the dates and city and you will see all the events in the place you selected. I’ve used this method and was able to attend a few FREE events and some paid ones. 


Fashion season is fast approaching and we are excited to be a part of the rush. If you are a seasoned Blogger or newbie, there are still ways for you to experience NYFW  even if you don’t have connections. The goal is to get your foot through the door then once you’ve attended a few shows and offered quality content, you will start to build yourself as a credible Blogger and will start to get invited to a number of shows.

I hope these tips helped to give you an insight into attending New York Fashion Week. If you still have questions, please send us an email to the address listed below.

5 Tips For Attending NYFW Without Network Connections

Written by: Lorane Rhoden


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