Here’s What To Wear to an Art Exhibition

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Most recently, I went to an Art Exhibition in Kingston called “Identity: Who We Are After 60” which was quite insightful and inspirational. 

I know that Jamaica is filled with talented individuals, but I’m always reassured when I go to specific events and see things on display that makes me go 

“Being a Jamaican is a whole vibe”.

The best thing about art is that there is never a set way to do things which makes it interesting as it’s all about the individual and how they see the world. While at the event, I looked around and saw a number of outfit choices where some were definitely making a statement, while some kinda missed the mark. 

There was one young lady who showed up in what I call “house shorts”, which is great for individuality, but it might have not been the best option for the Reception of an Art Exhibition where Artists, Curators, Buyers, and Corporate Jamaica would be in attendance. This in no way attacks her choice of clothing as this could depend on a number of factors.

Since I’ve dubbed myself as your “Fashion Bestie”, I will be sharing a few tips on what to wear to an art exhibition. I realize there are people who might be interested in doing something new, but never do it as they might not know what to wear. See below for a few tips on What to Wear to an Art Exhibition.

Here’s What To Wear to an Art Exhibition

Casual Formal or Smart Casual

Here’s What To Wear to an Art Exhibition

Think Casual Formal or Smart Casual. This means if you are a guy, opt for a dressy shirt without the tie, a nice pair of denim and skip the dress shoes. For the ladies, you can opt for a night flouncy or fitted dress, shorts with a blazer or dress skirt, or even leggings with a long-line cardigan and heels. 

The key is to not look like you rolled out of bed, sniffed to see what is clean, then went to the event.

Have fun and mix and match pieces so it showcases your personality and individuality.


Follow the Invitation

Here’s What To Wear to an Art Exhibition

If it is the opening night and you were invited as a special guest, this dress code will be more strict and you will opt for a dinner jacket, suit or a semi-formal dress for the ladies.

The invitation is a great guide in telling you what to wear and it should be adhered to. If you are still unsure of what to wear, you can never go wrong with a monochromatic look from head to toe. 


Let Your Personality Shine

Here’s What To Wear to an Art Exhibition

This is pretty vague, but what I mean is, to veer away from the norm to really “style up the look”. Add fun pieces like a hat, statement jewellery or even a metallic pair of boots!

It’s art and you decided to go to the gallery to not only see the pieces but to network with like-minded individuals. An interesting outfit is always a great conversation starter and you are sure to get noticed.

Here’s What To Wear to an Art Exhibition


Art Galleries are a rich part of the culture and history of any city. While you may be aware of art, the same way you would not wear a 3 piece suit to a rap concert, is the same way you would not wear “house clothes” to an Art Exhibition.

Be sure to visit The Sky Gallery in Kingston Jamaica located at 9-11 Phoenix Avenue, Unit 15.  This is a new gallery and looking for locals and visitors to visit the location and peruse and purchase the artworks. 

Comment below and let me know if you’ve ever been to an Art Exhibition and what you wore.

Written By:

Lorane Rhoden


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