#FashionFlashback | The Regal Fashion of Diahann Carroll as Dominique Deveraux

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Welcome to Part 2 of the exciting new Feature we are calling #FashionFlashback as we go back in time to feature iconic looks from tv characters from yesteryear. 

I love old-time tv series where the characters are well dressed. People are always surprised when I tell them this as they find it hard to believe that I prefer the original Dynasty to the reboot as the show had too many misses.

My favourite character on the original Dynasty is THE LEGENDARY Dominique Deveraux played by Diahann Carroll and was the first African- American Lady Boss to get “flewed out”. Her outfits were over the top in the best way possible and her comebacks were witty and she always read people for filth! Today, we will be looking at a few of her best looks and how they all came together.

I did some research to learn more about the wardrobe styling of the show specifically Dominique Deveraux’s character, but I came up with straws. This post will be updated, once I’m able to learn more in this regard, but you can enjoy a few of the looks I found below.

About Dominique Deveraux

Dominique Deveraux is a fictional character on the ABC prime-time soap opera Dynasty and its spin-off, The Colbys. Portrayed by Diahann Carroll from 1984 to 1987, the character is the surprise half-sister of millionaire Blake Carrington.

#FashionFlashback | The Regal Fashion of Dihan Carol as Dominique Deveraux

Dominique was always styled In white, gold, and muted colors to show off her elegance which always included elements of fur. Fur was her trademark and was incorporated as headwear, scarves, bags,  jackets, or a coat. The minute she walked in, viewers could tell she is a rich and accomplished woman and not one to mess with.


#FashionFlashback | The Regal Fashion of Diahann Carroll as Dominique Deveraux

Dominique Deveraux, the beautiful singer and recording artist, was born Millie Cox, the illegitimate daughter of Tom Carrington and his secret black lover, Laura Matthews. When Laura gave birth, Tom refused to recognize Millie as his daughter, and Millie took the name Cox.

The character, Dominique Deveraux was instrumental in shaping how characters of African-American descent could be transformed into Fashion icons by choosing the right costumes (clothing). Dominique Deveraux’s looks are timeless, inspirational, and aspirational and are still used as a point of reference to showcase that a character is wealthy.

For my younger readers, this was a BIG deal for an African American character to be cast with Caucasian wealthy characters as an equal and not as a maid or a background extra.

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Lorane Rhoden


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