NEW YORK FASHION WEEK – Manhattan Stores React to Sept 12 ATFH Black Tie GALA at LAVO

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ATF Fashion House NYC visited Stores across Manhattan ahead of the Sept. 12 Black Tie Fashion Gala during New York Fashion Week

NYFW Black Tie event

Manhattan, New York City | Sept 8, 2022

Fashion is witnessing Change and one company is leading the way with a disruptive way of doing things. Ahead of the most anticipated New York Fashion Week ATFH Black Tie Gala of September 12 at LAVO, the Buyers Selection team at ATF Fashion House NYC visited Clothing, Apparel and Accessories Stores across 5th Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Grand Central, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Broadway and the Downtown area.

The goal of these visists is to gain a clear understanding of how NYC Stores view the New York Fashion Week and the current emergence of Out-of-State Brands into the Big Apple’s marketplace, and also ensure that Stores that are invited actually do what they claim to be doing, which is Buying in the Fashion Categories and at the Scale they claim to, from their electronic registration.

NYFW Black Tie event

“I was skeptical at first to provide so much information before I get to meet the Brands, but as the conversation went on, I understood the benefits of a filtered process. This actually helps Buyers as it guarantees that the Brands we will meet at LAVO have been vetted and meet our Buying requirements. I want to follow the growth of ATF Fashion House NYC, if they keep this way of doing business up, I tell you, they might run this town one day, because serious buyers want to do good business with serious brands, it’s simple. So I look forward to showing up on Monday Night and discovering what ATFH has cooked for us”, said Mrs. Chen Levy, Owner of CHRISTI SOTHERS, a renowned jewelry store in New York City, offering only the finest in Fashion. It has been catering to an eclectic mix of clientele that includes native New Yorkers, international diplomats, and tourists for the past 26 years. The store is located in Prime Midtown Manhattan, next to Grand Central, on 109 East 42 Street.

“I think most Fashion Week events have now become more about appearances and bling than actual business, it’s more about influencing, getting press than the actual sales that used to happen, so we look very carefully before committing to attend any of those. This approach is a game-changer, I can see many Buyers interested in making it a usual thing as that saves time and keeps the focus on the main thing”, said Shannon – Store Manager at OAKLEY, leading Eyewear and Accessories Store on 5th Avenue.

“Dude – you can see how high is the traffic to our store, so many people on this street don’t really have time to waste. If the people in attendance are the real deal and have the right offerings, stores want to show up as that can be an opportunity for them as well”, said Damien – A. Manager at the PARIS SAINT GERMAIN (PSG) Store on 5th Avenue, NYC Flagship store of the French Soccer team.

A High-Level Intimate Gathering of Vetted Buyers and Brands to Network and Explore Mutual Growth Opportunities across Women’s, Men’s and Children’s Wear, Haute Couture, Luxury Fashion, Jewelry, Bags, Eyewear, Accessories, etc. The event takes place at Manhattan’s finest LAVO NYC on East 58 between Madison and Park Avenue on Monday, Sept 12 at 6 PM.

“Our Goal is NOT Quantity but Quality. This is the Start of something great that will change the way Fashion is currently run and present a lot of upsides for emerging Brands.”


Buyers Selection Team

ATF Fashion House NYC

About ATF Fashion House NYC
We are a Fashion Buyer and Distribution Company. We bet on Rising Emerging Designers with the potential to overthrow some of the world’s leading brands.

We curate a selection of highly talented brands from various countries, and offer them for purchase to verified buyers within our network.

We host several fashion event formats throughout the year (Fashion Week, Fashion Show, Fashion Runway, Buyers Dinner, Brands for Sales).

NYFW Black Tie

We are located on 5th Avenue, New York City, Premier Fashion Street in the World, Home to all Major Fashion Brands. Every year, we travel the world to Discover Niche and Promising Fashion Designers with the potential to be the next GUCCI, NIKE, CARTIER or LOUIS VUITTON.

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