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Roller discos have made a comeback in New York, and on Saturday, Victor Glemaud took us to the most prominent one, Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace  at Rockefeller Center. The scene was joyful–guests lined the rink as skaters coolly shimmied to disco tracks.


It was a perfect way to set the tone for the designer’s spring collection, which was inspired by the hues of Harbor Island in the Bahamas – he described the palette as “zesty.”

Glemaud had recently vacationed there, and the lineup had a refreshingly breezy feel, from ultra-light knit tunics or animal-pattern bodysuits with matching capes.

The overall effect was one of glamour and ease – a perfect combination.

It isn’t the first time he has taken to an iconic New York location. For the past two seasons, he set up his runway at the newly reimagined Moynihan Train Hall on 34th street. Crowds of onlookers were fortunate enough to get in on the action at Rockefeller Center today too, adding to the vibrant mood of the moment.

For Glemaud, the new collection was a continuation of the themes he set forth for fall. “It was all about American sportswear,” said the designer backstage, name checking many of the greats—Giorgio Sant’Angelo, Stephen Burrows and Geoffrey Beene—who influenced him. He worked along chic, minimalist lines again for spring, kicking off the proceedings with a series of simple black sheer silk crochet tunics of varying lengths.

Then came a passage of powdery pink monochromatic looks that included a bodysuit with a translucent V tracing the bust-line. In the same vein, there was a retro-inspired bustier and bikini set in leopard print. Clearly the designer was toying with the idea of swim. “We have the shapes and we have the bodies,” he admitted. “So if any swimwear licensees are reading this, we’re ready!”

Glemaud broke new ground with his accessories, collaborating with his friend milliner Gigi Burris on the elegant locally-made black abaca hemp and raffia hats and Vereda’s Evan O’Hara on the super luxe silver alligator beach tote. The cool Miles Davis-style sunglasses he made with Tura turned up, too. With a recently launched partnership with interiors company Schumacher under his belt as well, the designer is quietly expanding the world of Glemaud.

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