How Jenee’ Naylor from High Low Luxxe Dominated Fashion Month

And It’s not Even Over!
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There are always a few people who get it right! These people are said to be born with an innate gift that allows them to know exactly what to do and how to excel in their respective fields.

One of those people is Jenee’ Naylor of High Low Luxxe who is a Luxury Style and Lifestyle Blogger based in Virginia. If you are a Fashion girly, once it gets to Fashion season, there is one thing we are all thinking “what is Jenee’gonna wear”. This is Jenee’s year and she has us all in a chokehold from New York Fashion Week to Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

We here at Haute People celebrate all wins but especially those of black women and felt it necessary to share a few of our favourite looks.

New York Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week



Paris Fashion Week

About Jenee’

I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. After graduating with a fashion merchandising degree, I spent most of my twenties working retail at places like Nordstrom and Aldo before starting my career at Target. After four years in Target leadership and three years as a Store Director, I left to pursue blogging full time in May of 2019 as I no longer had time to do both.

Jenee Naylor

Through my social platforms I share my experiences as a wife, friend, daughter, and entrepreneur. I hope by sharing my passions, personal journey, experiences, and struggles I can inspire you to do the things that bring you ultimate joy and go after those dreams you’ve been dreaming…….. in style of course!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve come across Jenee’ on your feed and what your favourite looks are.


Images were taken from Jenee’s Instagram account. All rights are reserved and we do not claim ownership of these photos.

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