GenXS Announces New Carnival Band for Carnival in Jamaica 2023

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Jamaica will have its newest Carnival Band, GenXS Carnival in time for Carnival in Jamaica 2023. GenXS is all set to debut on April 16, 2023, alongside existing bands Xodus and Bacchanal Jamaica.

GenXS will reveal their 2023 costumes at their Kingston Band launch, in December 2022. The costumes are inspired by the theme “RETURN TO PARADISE” and will be produced by industry-leading Carnival Designers. The Band Launch promises to be high energy with the inclusion of celebrity models, dancers, and international and local influencers, with the latest Soca accompaniment by imported and local Soca DJs.

GenXS Announces New Carnival Band for Carnival in Jamaica 2023

Carnival in jamaica
GenX Miami Carnival

Tagyei Belinfante, of GenXS Carnival and GenX (Miami) Carnival, explains that he saw a need to bring a new offering to the Jamaican Carnival space that was hyper-focused on curating and delivering the best Carnival Experiences based on what he had seen in other territories.

“As a band owner and carnival chaser, I can appreciate the Carnival experience through as a consumer and as the person curating the experience. I am also very passionate on building and contributing to the Carnival in Jamaica product and showcasing what makes our (Jamaica) Carnival destination special” – Tagyei Belinfante, GenXS

The theme ‘Return to Paradise’ has multiple meanings; in addition to a celebration of all things Jamaican and everything people love about Jamaica, the theme also speaks to the GenXS founders -Tagyei Belinfante, Marc Christian, Matthew Wadell, Ajene Greene- who are all Jamaicans who migrated to the US after high school and are now returning to their paradise home, where their love of carnival began.

Carnival in Jamaica
GenXS and GenX Directors

Collectively, the GenXS team has a cumulative experience of over 50 years in event production, customer service, logistics and planning. The GenXS teams’ resume includes events such as Dandy Shandy (a bi-annual 90s dancehall themed party hosted in Miami, Florida), GenX Immortals J’ouvert, GenX Carnival (one of Miami’s largest and most popular carnival band), Miami’s Tipsy Music Festival (which recently hosted Machel Montano and Burna Boy), and OceanX Cruise (Yacht event).


The GenXS team has retained Kibwe McGann of Carnival Glam Hub and Payment Facilitation company WiPay, Project Manager / Carnival Consultant Mala Morrison, and Project Manager / Media Professional, Kino Johnson.

“As one of the founders of Carnival Glam Hub which operates in five Carnival markets, I have a unique perspective in understanding the minds of the carnival consumer at both the high and lower end of the market. The GenXS Team is masquerader focused on delivering an experience that is devoid of cookie- cutter basic offerings that plague many destination Carnivals. I have played mas with GenX Miami for the past 3 years and I am confident in this team’s ability to deliver on our band-and-brand promise.”– Kibwe McGann, GenXs (Sponsorship and Marketing) Director.

“Carnival is my passion …. full stop. Having been a Masquerader for over 25 years in Jamaica from Byron Lee, Jokers Wild and Jamaica Carnival to present. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work in the Carnival space and actively participate in various Carnivals throughout the region. The introduction of the GenXS Band to Jamaica will provide an additional offering for both local and international Carnival chasers to experience a well curated carnival road experience.” – Mala Morrison, GenXS (events and logistics) Director.

“In addition to Sunday Mas, Party and fete chasers can expect a new J’ouvert band, a Night Carnival, and other immersive events. Guided by experience, and high on our checklist, is the provision of a seamless tech-driven registration and costume collection process which will be enhanced by our delivery partners. We’re also promising a restaurant-like lunch experience complimented premium alcohol road offerings, and heightened road security. We want patrons to walk away saying ‘This is the Band’.– Matthew Waddell, GenXS

The GenXS Team is desirous of adding value to Carnival in Jamaica and Jamaica’s overall offering as a Carnival destination. ‘Return to Paradise’ is part of the band’s communication of intent to spread value beyond the borders of Kingston. GenXS package offerings will include more than just Kingston-based events.


“Having participated as a masquerader in several destination Carnivals, I can share that in most of them, Iwas never given the opportunity to experience their island or destinations outside of the offerings of my fete package. As a Jamaican, I am keen on ensuring that masqueraders have an opportunity to experience our island paradise. GenXS will offer XS-perience packages as an option, in partnership with local tour operators, craft markets, and a few North Coast travel destinations. Masqueraders (internal and local) can expect a culturally immersive and authentic Jamaican Carnival Experience.” – Marc Christian, GenXS

GenXS is Jamaica’s newest Carnival with ties to GenX Miami Carnival. GenXS will showcase its costumes on Sunday, April16, 2023 as part of Carnival in Jamaica’s road parade. Masqueraders can visit www.thereturntoparadise.com for pre- registration or follow @genxsjamaica on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

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